Friday, October 28, 2011

Doggie dress

Last week I found this dress in a small store in Southern Ontario. I'm not a fan of animal prints but I love animal motifs. I'm not sure what brand this is but I thought it was too cute. I wore it with this sweater because the dress is sleeveless, which is weird for a wool dress. The front is also a big kangaroo pocket. If something has pockets and I like it, I will most likely buy it.

October 27

Sweater: Smart Set
Dress: On the Verge (local store in Ontario)
Tights: Joe Fresh ($5!)
Boots: Fluevog Encourage | Moira

I bought these boots at the Montreal store last Sunday before the Duran Duran concert and wore them that night. They were very comfortable and I didn't get any blisters but my feet did hurt, probably from jumping up and down a lot.

I'm home sick today and am wearing my husband's Sesame Street sweatshirt. No pictures, I promise.

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