Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black and white

It's easy in the fall to start to fall back on old clothing habits. As the mornings are darker and darker, it's harder to get out of bed. Sleeping in tends to lead to grabbing something easy - that usually means black clothes.

This week started with Hallowe'en when I wore black and white. Tuesday led to...

November 2

Blouse: Club Monaco
Dress/Tunic: Anthropologie, Charlotte NC
Underskirt: Guess by Marciano in Las Vegas
Tights: Simons in Montreal
Shoes: Fluevog

...more black and white. Which led to....

November 3 and yellow (a colour!)

I'm not sure about the yellow tights but they matched the shoes.

Necklace: gift
Shirt dress: Reitmans
Belt: from another dress
Tights: ?
Shoes: Kron by Kronkron

So matchy matchy.