Monday, November 14, 2011

Embrace your inner weirdo

Going back to work the Monday after a long weekend is always hard. Today was particularly hard after a busy weekend, so I slept in and had to rush around this morning.

Sweater: remixed (H&M - yes I wore this yesterday too)
Dress: Vera Wang - Simply Vera (thrifted)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Fluevog Malibran

I wore this dress to the Duran Duran concert last month only I wore it with boots. It's shorter than I'd normally be comfortable wearing but tights make me feel more covered up.

I didn't want to pair this dress with brown tights because that's a lot of brown to deal with so I grabbed some that are a burgundy/maroon colour and paired them with the trusty Malibrans.

You can see my slip - you're not supposed to though - but without the slip the dreaded "dress creeping up my tights" action happens. Not only annoying, but when your skirt is shorter than you're used to it can be overly revealing.

I tried belting this dress but it just creates a poof above the waist which is not a great look.

I've taken to wearing these kind of pins on a semi-regular basis. My favourite is the Fluevog "No, You're Weird!" pin. I also have one that says "Know You're Weird" but I think it ended up going through the wash. Ooops.

Embrace your inner weirdo.


  1. Ha! I love the pins! I have a sticker on my desk at work that says, "Park your car - drive Fluevog." (I don't drive).

    I like the slip showing at the bottom of the dress - it looks purposeful, so just own it!

    I saw your question about Naughty, the brand. Their website is: - that should save you the embarassing Google searches! :)