Sunday, November 13, 2011


On Saturday and Sunday, I went to our local Comic/Sci-Fi convention called Hal-Con. I consider myself a bit of a geek but I was definitely out geeked this weekend.

On Saturday I went to see the Q&A session with Nicholas Brendon - Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more recently Kevin on Criminal Minds. Lauren from Zombies at Lauren has a good post about the session, including Nicholas doing the Snoopy Dance. Then I stood in line to have my photo taken with him.
Me and Nicholas Brendon

He's pretty funny and was very gracious to all people who asked him questions that I'm sure he's answered many times before. I've been a huge BtVS fan since 1997 so it was great to meet (for like 30 seconds) a cast member from the show.

As you can see, he got dressed up for the occasion.

Today, we only went for a little while, but we had a nice chat with Erin Grey (Buck Rogers / Silver Spoons).

The majority of people get dressed up in elaborate costumes from anime, manga, sci-fi, horror, gaming, and fantasy genres. I just wore my regular clothes which made me even more conspicuous.

Sweater: remixed (H&M)
Dress: Fresh Baked Goods in Toronto
Shoes: Fluevog Sample Sale 2010
Tights: ?
Bag: Roots

I got a number of complements on my shoes.

It was just warm enough to be able to be outside without a coat. Crazy weather we're having!


  1. Your shoes are amazing!! So unique, and I love the color. :) Happy Monday!

  2. I was going to comment on your shoes (they're amazing, by the way... But wait a minute... are those cats on your dress? *swoon*