Thursday, November 17, 2011

You're wearing PANTS!

You know when your coworker exclaims "You're wearing pants!" that it's an unusual thing. (or you enjoy going pantsless, but that's a whole other blog.)

Blouse: remixed (Club Monaco)
Belt: remixed (Smoking Lily)
Pants: Club Monaco (very old!)
Shoes: Fluevog Begin | Swing (bought from Fluevogger on Ravelry)

Grey pants, grey top, blue shoes, obi belt. Can't go wrong with grey and blue.

We've been lucky with our weather so far this month but it's supposed to turn cold starting tomorrow. When the weather gets colder I do tend wear pants more frequently. Especially around January/February when we can get below -20C.

I like how the colour of these shoes isn't uniform and the right shoe almost looks striped. I think it gives them some character.

These are Fluevogs but not the "fluevogiest" of Fluevog shoes. Still unique and comfortable though.

Embrace peculiarity! Vive le weirdo!


  1. Okay, Megan, this is getting weird - we have the same Desigual belt, you have more Fluevogs than me (a LOT), and you also have Smoking Lily?? I have two of their obis, and I've thrifted tons of their items.

    I'm officially a follower. :) Love your style!

  2. Oh, and I get the same reaction when I wear pants. Ha!