Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011....wrap up

I know I only started writing this blog at the end of October, but I thought I'd give a short summary of some of the more interesting activities and occurrences that happened during this year.

Most significant
I turned 40 in May. This was kind of hard but I'm dealing with it because the alternative isn't very appealing. Part of dealing with it is this blog and showing to people (and myself) that 40+ doesn't have to be boring. The best proof of that is the blog Advanced Style.

Best Trip
In June, B and I went to Paris. I had 4th row tickets to see Duran Duran at the Grand Rex but due to Simon LeBon's vox problems the concert didn't happen. We'd already been in Paris for four days when the show was cancelled, which was a bummer, but hey, we were in Paris!

Paris street cafe

I didn't do half the things I wanted too because it's such an overwhelming city. If we go back, because technically I still have DD tickets, I have a list of things to do like visit the Salvador Dali museum, go to the Moulin Rouge (tourist trap that it is), and go to the consignment stores that I missed this trip.

One thing I did do was get a tattoo from Sunny Buick. We spent four hours in her studio and by hour three I wasn't sure I was going to survive to finish but I did but it hurt like hell!

Sunny Buick tattoo

Best Concert
I actually have two best concerts but for very different reasons. I got to see my two favourite musical acts from the 1980s - one locally in a very intimate setting and one in Montreal in a big venue.

The first was Lloyd Cole (formerly of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions) who played at a small bar here in Halifax. I'd seen him twice before - once in Toronto in 1995 and once in Boston in 2001 - both times he was accompanied by a band. When I was in grade 9 in 1985 I became a huge fan of the Commotion's album Easy Pieces and spent a lot of time brooding while listening to this tape on my walkman (yes, yes, I'm old).

Seeing him solo with just a guitar was a very unique and cool experience. I do believe I cried.

Me and Lloyd Cole

The second was I finally got to see Duran Duran after almost 30 years of being a fan. I remember listening to their Rio album in 1982-83 and then going to the record store to buy Seven and the Ragged Tiger in 1984. I was only 13 when they came to Toronto in support of that album so I wasn't able to go which was crushing because how was I going to marry Nick Rhodes if he didn't know I was alive?

I kid, I kid....maybe
Over the years, I'd lost track of the band while I lived through University, marriage and moving across the country but when their new album, All You Need is Now, came out in December 2011 I decided that I had to see them before I turned 40. I was unsuccessful in getting tickets to their shows in Toronto and Montreal in April of this year which led me to joining their Fan Club and ordering the tickets for the Paris show which didn't happen. I turned 40 without seeing the band and really thought my opportunity was lost since Simon's vocal problems seemed to be very serious.

Then they scheduled a new North American tour and that Fan Club membership came in very handy helping me get front row tickets to the show in Montreal. And the wait was totally worth it because it was a wonderful concert.

My husband took this photo for me. SQUEEE!
At one point in the show, Simon LeBon jumped off the stage and was talking to a guy two people to the right of me and being the Canadian that I am, I didn't touch him. I DIDN'T TOUCH HIM! Am I insane? Apparently so.

The iPhone app Free Candle is a great concert app. I believe John Taylor saw it and laughed.
As you can see above, I was clearly in the moment.

At the end of the show, the band members came to the front of the stage and I had a feeling that Roger Taylor was going to throw his drumsticks into the audience.

This was taken right after he let them fly in my direction. I caught one and the guy two people over from me (who had the intimate moment with Simon that I didn't interrupt by pawing at Simon) tried to grab it away from me so we ended up having a very immature fight over it. Luckily security stepped in and I emerged the victor. I gave the drumstick to my sister, who was also at the show, since Roger was always her favourite band member. You can see more pictures on my Flickr here.

The next day I couldn't stop crying. So much build up, an amazing show and then crashing down to reality. As a Highly Sensitive Person I tend to obsess about something and focus on it happening and after it does, there's quite a sense of loss. This is something I've learned in 2011 to better manage but this was just so overwhelming that it took me a while to recover.

As an aside, the band Neon Trees opened for Duran Duran. I'd only heard part of one of their songs (in a car commercial) so I wasn't really interested in seeing them but they were GREAT! I have a new second favourite band.

So that was 2011 in a nutshell. Hopefully I'll keep up this blog in 2012 so this wrap up will be a little easier (and possibly shorter).


  1. The Salvador Dali museum in Montmarte is awesome - L and I went there in spring 2010. We didn't go into the Moulin Rouge (it's totally overpriced), but we browsed the neighbourhood, which is filled with sex shops, haha!

    Love all your great events from 2011!

  2. Crap! Sorry about getting your name wrong! I was thinking Megan, and I *know* it's Megan...ah, my excuse is that I spent over 3 hours today updating my blog and doing that blasted post. :) Thanks for understanding - it's been fixed!

  3. Oh fun! I got tattooed by Sunny when I was in Paris, too!

  4. Oh me oh my, your tattoo is the sweetest thing ever! I love it so much! It's absolutely perfect: 2 things I like, kitties and shoes :D

  5. Discovered your blog via Already Pretty, and I am smitten. Your shoe collection is making salivate. I covet! I covet!

    I went to that 1984 Duran Duran concert (in Pittsburgh, PA), and I got to meet the band. I swooned like mad.

    I am pouring through your archives, and I'm greatly enjoying your posts. As a 46-year old woman, it's refreshing to find a 40-something with a strong personal style.

  6. Aaw a Picture with Lloyd Cole, so lucky you are !!^^
    I love " EASY PIECES " too ... " Wont you put on ypur dress and come down to ...
    ... Out the Summer Rain, We will begin again ... Again ..."
    So Pretty !!
    Have you got a Facebook Page ?
    Best Regards from Regards,