Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blue skirt, teal shoes

I'm a day behind (and a dollar short?) which I probably good since I won't be working on Friday so I likely won't have an outfit post on the 23rd.

December 20
 Yesterday I wore one of my newly thrifted skirts. It's a 100% silk Banana Republic skirt that I got for $31.00.  It's navy blue which is great for pairing with lots of different colours.

Blouse: From Lisbon, Portugal
Belt: Smoking Lily in Vancouver
Skirt: thrifted from The Clothes Horse
Shoes: Fluevog Soprano | Katia

On Queen Street, there are 3 different used/vintage clothing stores in almost the exact same location so it's easy to look through a lot of stuff without having to drive around the city. There's another great store about 3 blocks away. Makes for a fun afternoon.

I decided to mix teal with the navy blue skirt and tights. I bought this blouse in 2008 in Portugal and don't wear it often enough. Maybe because nothing seemed to work well with it before.

These shoes go well with the blouse but they're not as comfortable as some other Fluevogs. Luckily they are cute.

Today when I got home from work, there was a package on my front porch. It was an eBay order that was shipped on the 13th from the Netherlands. I didn't expect they would arrive until after the holidays so that was a nice pre-Xmas present.  It was also a nice surprise after a particularly frustrating day as a bureaucrat working for the public good.


  1. Your obi belt is gorgeous. I love Smoking Lily's stuff. Also the Vogs are fabulous. I've seen that particular pair crop up in my size, but they tend to get ninja'd pretty fast. Congrats on the early Christmas pressie. The present I got myself was apparently delayed. The delivery date was for today, but it didn't come, and the tracking hasn't updated! Boo.

  2. What an impressive collection of Fluevog shoes you have!
    I wish I could see the detail on the shirt's fabric, is it paisley?
    (Also, do you remember where you got it from in Lisbon? I'm from there originally and I'm just curious :))

  3. Marvelous teal shoes....
    I just read that you were Sheila's twin and had to comer over and check it out.... indeed she was right :)

  4. I love that obi - I have been fortunate enough to find not one but two of the Smoking Lily obis in consignment stores (for only $20 each).