Friday, December 30, 2011

Boxing Day finds

On December 26th, I was happy to see that a few of my favourite stores in my old home town were open and offering some good sales. I like supporting smaller, local boutique stores where I live and when I travel. Both because I like to support small business and look for unique things to add to my closet.

Top: Annie 50 from Flaunt
Pin: Pretty Chic
Skirt: Desigual from Millennium

It's hard to get more unique (outside of Couture) than Desigual though skirt is actually fairly tame for for this brand.  I love the bright and colourful flowers and its swingy style. I do find this brand's sizing weird. This skirt is an XL so if you're buying this brand and can't try it on then you might want to size up.

The top is the same brand as the shorts I wore yesterday. As you can see, I remembered the name of the store where I bought them. I thought it was a cute, multipurpose top that would work with jeans, skirts, trousers and in all seasons. And it's red, my favourite colour.

I think these boots might be the same shade of red as the top.

Boots: Fluevog Hope | Desire

I really like this family of shoes from Fluevog and have four different styles of Hopes. They came if great colours and have nice sturdy wooden heels.

The word "sturdy" might bring to mind something more functional rather than fashionable but I find Fluevog is able to blend the two with great style.

But I might be biased.

Happy New Year!


  1. I've loved all my Vogs, especially for their blend of funky and fashionable - and comfortable. The blouse is very cute and I think it has a ton of remixing potential.

    I feel so bad our little town doesn't have local shops/boutiques/designers. I support our local thrift shops instead.

  2. Awesome purchases, Megan! I love the brick red shade of the top and boots (and you know I am drooling over your Fluevog purchases!).

    I also find Desigual's sizing really wonky. My white-based dress is an XL.