Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grey lady of the sea

Today is day two of the Neutrals Week challenge. Grey! I have a lot of grey in my closet so this wasn't easy. Too many choices.

Sweater: Value Village
Necklace: Nectar Jewelery on etsy
Blouse: Marc O'Polo - Frankfurt, Germany
Skirt: Lilith - NYC
Shoes: Noa Noa on eBay

Rather than have a plain column of grey, I decided to mix some plaid/stripes in this skirt and this circular patterned blouse.

I really love this skirt which was a big splurge when I was in NYC in 2008 and my first interaction with Lilith which is a fun and unique label from France. When I was in Paris in June our hotel was on the same street as a Lilith store which was good and dangerous.

I'm not sure about these shoes. I love the colour and the scallops on the straps but I think they can look a little dowdy. They're also a wee bit big. Maybe that's my real issue with them.

I like pairing this necklace with this blouse. The top has circular floral pattern and the necklace has embossed leaves and branches. No one would notice that they go together so well without inspecting very closely.

I bought this pin that says "If the Slippers Fit" at a craft sale on the weekend. Seemed to be relevant to my interests.

And the Fluevog pin...well, what I can I say about that other than I know I'm weird.

Tomorrow is Brown day!


  1. The skirt is beautiful! I love the draping of it. Your pins are so cute and add a personalized touch to your accessories. I think your shoes are adorable, but shoes that don't fit are my biggest peeve. Nothing worse than unhappy feet.

  2. I love the skirt - it reminds me of All Saints' stuff. The shoes don't really ring my bell. They remind me too much of ones I had in the 70s, that I got teased about in school.