Thursday, December 8, 2011

My clothes are dirty but my mouth isn't dry

No outfit post today since:
  1. we had a weather bomb today so I dressed for warmth
  2. I don't own any cognac coloured clothes so I couldn't do the Neutrals challenge today
  3. My outfit was rather uninspired.
So I'm just going to show you random things.

This is a shoe pin that I bought at a thrift store in Paris. Shoes + Me = BFFs so I figured it was worth the €15.00.

This is pinned on a sweater that I knit because I'm crafty like that.

This cameo I bought at a Goth Christmas Craft show. My coworker saw it and said "It's so prett....."

It's not pretty, it's pretty SPOOKYYYYY!

This is a plant in my office. I hung my Abominable Snowman in it today to festive things up. With the weather being in the 10-15C range all week, it's kind of hard to believe that Christmas is only three weeks away. I've only bought one present. So basically I'm screwed.

And finally this is my snowman collection. I didn't buy any of these six snowmen. Nor did I buy the festive mugs. I did, however, buy the snowy houses.

Et voila. The end of a completely pointless post!

Tomorrow is Navy blue day. Whoo whoo!!!!


  1. I know, I emailed the other Megan about cognac as a neutral, since it's not exactly a common colour! I have one cognac item and it's pretty...extreme, but I'll be wearing it tomorrow.

    Hee, I love your Bumble.

  2. Love the shoe pin and the necklace. I think it's pretty! But I am usually poked fun at for being pretty creepy.

    Hope you are keeping warm. Warmth > Challenge.