Thursday, December 29, 2011

Working on the weekend baby she's working all through the night

Back to work today after the Christmas holiday. I was supposed to go back to work yesterday but my flight didn't arrive back in Halifax until 1:00am and I didn't get to sleep until about 3:00am. So I took yesterday off to sleep.

In keeping with the Christmas theme, here's what I wore today which made me feel kind of elvish (as in Santa's elf rather than Tolkeinesque elves).

Sweater: Danier via Value Village (remixed)
Tunic/Dress: thrifted with no tags
Shorts: Annie 50
Boots: Cydwoq via ebay

I bought this tunic at Meow, my favourite store in Guelph which was where I got the Dolce and Gabbana shoes.

These boots are the real reason I felt like an elf. Am I wrong?


  1. You are not wrong, elf!
    Love the tunic.

  2. I think it is the shorts more than the boots. Do you like the Cydwoq boots? I have been eyeing a pair, but they are expensive enough to keep me from committing.

  3. I love the boots! I just recently purchased my first pay of Cydwoq and I love them. They took a while for my eye to get used to them; such a different look.

    I hope you had an awesome Christmas, Megan! Happy New Year and welcome back home. :)

  4. I do think the boots have an Elvish feel, although I can actually see a bit of Tolkien air to them. Nothing wrong with that, I think they're adorable! I love the long shorts layered under your tunic. Great idea.