Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flowers and bunnies (or foxes?)

I bought this dress about a year ago but it never really fit properly. And then when I recently lost some weight, it was just hanging on me like a shapeless thing with no shape. I thought it was too pretty to give up on so I took it to a tailor to have it altered. I bought it from eShakti so it didn't cost much so it seemed like it was worth the money to have it taken in.

Necklace: gift from my sister from Pretty Chic
Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Atelier Mardini

It was a nice dress to wear today since it was -19C. Long sleeves are the best thing on a cold day.

I'd like this dress even more if the design was also on the back of the dress. It's a little strange that it isn't embroidered all the way around.

Channeling my inner ballerina. I think I need to invest in a crinoline that can be worn underneath this big circle skirt. I bet I can find one at Pretty Things Boutique.

Along with having this dress taken it, I also had the cross front on bodice tacked down. When you're small of chest this style of dress doesn't always fit like it should. Much better now.

I had lots of options for shoes to wear with this dress.  (Ok, ok....I have a lot of shoes period). Just about any colour goes well with it but I thought I'd wear these unique flats that I bought in Paris last June. They're handmade, one of a kind - quite a lucky find.

I think that they look like (evil) rabbits but maybe they're supposed to be foxes?  Either way, they aren't out of place in a garden of flowers.


  1. Beautiful dress. Kudos for getting it altered to fit you. The floral parts are beautiful, and I love the cut of the skirt and sleeves.

    I love the shoes! How adorable. I think they look like some kind of rodent due to the teeth.

    Also I just realized -19C?! Brr, you couldn't get me in a dress that cold. But what can I say, I'm a Southern girl at heart.

  2. The dress really brings spring into winter. Great!

    Best, Jen