Saturday, January 14, 2012

Indigo, violet and blue Can we meet where the edges blur?

I got home from Toronto late last night. I could go into a very long diatribe about my feelings about Air Canada but I'm going to spare you from being exposed to such harsh and colourful language.

I was in Toronto for a big Federal-Provincial-Territorial meeting, accompanying Senior Management from my office. There were a lot of black and grey suits present worn by both men and women. I don't actually own a business suit so here's what I wore.

It's a bit blurry - I had to do this quickly before I got caught by anyone other than the hotel staff.

Dress: Tracy Reese Plenty (
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Fluevog Miracle | Meera

I'd bought the shoes the night before shortly after we landed. Our plane was delayed so I was concerned that I wouldn't make it before we had to meet some of our colleagues for dinner but due to the miracle of technology and text messaging, we got everything coordinated.

I had to get these in a size 7. Most of my Fluevogs are 7.5 with an occasional 8 (like in the Wherever family). I wore them for about 7 hours and they weren't terribly uncomfortable.

My colleague from another Province was wearing this awesome tie. No one really noticed the pointed messages. I love this guy and I love this tie. I might need to get one of these for myself for special events.

Here's a closer look (with my cat Jetta). These are an homage to the Fluevog design from when he was in collaboration with Peter Fox

I took these at the Fox, Fluevog and Friends exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver in 2010. I wish I could find a pair of these. So fabulous.

Fluevog Presence | Intuit

I got a pair of boots in the Fluevog sale. I thought these might also look good with the grey Tracy Reese dress I wore above.

The leather is very soft and will likely be quite moldable once they warm up from my body heat.

After I wear them a few times I'm going to have to get some rubber put on the soles to make them less slippery. Better safe than sorry in Canada.

One thing that made my trip was I was the "Guest of the Day" at the hotel in Toronto which meant I was upgraded to a suite. Pretty cool but it was a bit of a waste since I barely spent any time in the hotel room. Made me feel nice though. =)


  1. Welcome back! I love the new shoes - I've been eyeing those on the Fluevog site for a while. Good to know they fit small.

    Sheila (Ephemera)

  2. Oh those gray boots are amazing; I've had my eye on a few pairs of Fluevogs on the sale site, but so far I've been good. :)

  3. Lovely shoes ! I also like your dress ! I browsed thru older posts and I am a Duran fan as well...I was so in love with John Taylor ! <3

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  4. Ive been wondering about these boots for awhile-- how are they? I'm short (5'3) and not looking for a boot that is TOO tall. I also would like to sneak a jean under there once in awhile-- possible? they LOOK amazing...