Monday, January 30, 2012

Layer up week Fashion Challenge: Short sleeve over long sleeve

Today is day 1 of the Layer up week challenge which proposes different ways to layer clothing and be re-inspired by pieces in our wardrobe. This is a good challenge for winter in Canada since layers are the best way to keep warm.

I had a completely different outfit planned but after putting it on it looked terrible. As usual, I was running late so I pulled this together before running out to catch my bus.

I think this turned out rather well.

T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Long sleeve shirt: Club Monaco
Skirt (really a cape): Smoking Lily (bought in Vancouver)
Shoes: Miz Mooz via
Necklace: belonged to my grandmother

I might have picked different shoes but these were the first pair I saw of a blueish hue.

This skirt is actually a cape from Smoking Lily. It's wool so it's extra wam and it's lined with a satiny fabric so seeing the inside of the longer piece adds a pop of contrast.

There's a keyhole in the back of this t-shirt so the colour of the long sleeved shirt shows not only in the sleeves but also a little bit at the neck.

Though I probably would have picked a different pair of shoes if I'd had more time to pull this together, ultimately it ended up being a good day to wear flats. I spent a lot of time running around between my office and our other office located 4 floors above our main space. I was in a lot of meetings and didn't get much actual work done. Here's hoping tomorrow is more productive.


  1. What a great outfit- I love how you remixed the cape as a skirt and your hair is so chic! (Also how neat that you live in NS-I'm from Cole Harbour but now call Ottawa home!)

  2. I adore that you're wearing your Smoking Lily cape as a skirt - that's how I wear mine! Mine has a giant zip down one side, though, and it doesn't look like yours does?

    Great layering, Megan! I love all the shades of blue.

  3. I love the black and blue. That shade of blue is so appealing. And you did short sleeve over long sleeve yesterday too! Nice.

  4. This is really cute! For just pulling it together it worked out great. Sometimes those kind of days can be crazy. I like the shoes. They're a very flattering flat imo.