Monday, January 9, 2012

Put a stripe on the union; and a star on the jack.

I went to H&M on the weekend looking for a pair of striped pants that were on their website. Apparently, H&M stores don't necessarily stock things that appear on their website but you can't order online from Canada. I find this confusing.

But it got me to go to the store where I saw this dress in the sale section for $15.00.

Dress: H&M ($15.00!)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Jump from (remixed)

I liked the jewel tones in the stripes combined with the softer salmon and the neutral brown and black.  My coworker said "That's a bold dress for a Monday". Gotta wake up some how.

I did struggle with the bodice all day though. I'll have to find a pin to keep it from gaping when I'm sitting down. Quite frustrating.

I thought these burgundy tights and blue shoes with the wood, stripey heels were a good match.  Matchy matchy!

Looks like I'm going to be in Toronto on Friday, just for the day. I hope to make it to the Fluevog store at some point!


  1. What a cool dress, I'm in love with the colors! I wish terribly I had an H&M close by. H&M stuff pops up in my thrift store from time to time, but you can't order online from the US either. <3 Matchy!

  2. I really dig this dress and your shoes. Amazing colors, patterns and shapes!

  3. Such a bold dress! I love it.

    The shoes are sweet - the heels are such a nice shape.