Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winterizing a summer dress

I saw a photo of someone wearing this dress in wardrobe remix and thought it was fabulous. It was originally priced at over $200 but with shipping I paid just less than $40.00 for it.

Necklace: inherited from my Grandmother
Sweater: Club Monaco (remixed)
Dress: Free People (on mega sale!)
Boots: Fluevog Fellowship | Heather

It's a summer dress but I winterized it with wooly tights and my blue Fluevog boots.

This dress has some short sleeves which is good if I want to cover-up my tattoos when it's too warm for a sweater.

My blue Fluevog boots seemed like a good match to help make this summer dress more "wintery". Unfortunately it snowed today so I slipped and slid down the hill from my office to my bus stop.  Thankfully I made it home without whipping out.

I have the day off tomorrow which make me happy.

I tried to express this by jumping for joy. Just made a big blur!


  1. What an adorable dress. The boots and white sweater winterize it perfectly. Sounds like you got a really great deal on it too. I love when that happens.

  2. I think it's great using your summer pieces in the winter. Makes things more versatille!

    Fashion Translated

  3. Woo, happy day off tomorrow, Megan!

    I love the dress (score on the price!), and you know I am swooning over the shoes! You look like Delft China with that blue and cream combination.

    Love it!