Friday, January 20, 2012

The world spins so fast that I might fly off

I've had this top for a few years and I don't wear it very often. I find it a little frustrating because the ties on the back are super long and you have to wrap them around your waist so you don't end up with the ties trailing behind you. By wrapping them around the waist you add bulk to an otherwise quite slimming style.

Top: Anthropologie
Boots: Fly London Vegas boots (IF shoes)

I think I might put this top in my donate pile since it gives me so much angst.

I was in a big hurry this morning (as I am most mornings) and I could only find one boot from the pair I really wanted to wear so I just grabbed these instead and ran out the door.  I think it was probably a good choice - and a better choice than the pair I originally wanted.

I've only worn these once before - aptly when I was in Las Vegas. They're cuter than I remembered.

So glad that it's the end of the day. It started snowing at about noon and  it took over 90 minutes to do a drive that usually takes 10 minutes. Too many people driving stupid! You'd think in Canada we'd have this driving in snow thing mastered by now.


  1. Oooh the fly london booties are adorable. They definitely need to be pulled out more often. My fav thing about fly london shoes is the rubbery soles. Hooray for non-slick.

  2. Hello, I just came across your blog for the first time and liked your style so much that I am looking through the archives. Had to say here, couldn't you just shorten those ties?