Thursday, February 16, 2012

About last night

I forgot to take my camera to work again yesterday (bad blogger, BAD) so I just have a crappy iPhone photo that my husband took last night. We were at a friend's house for an Anti-Valentine's Day Mexican food dinner.

Dress: Noa Noa (eBay)
Blouse: Club Monaco
Shoes: Miss L Fire

I had just had my hair re-coloured and cut so I didn't go home after work and change. You can see a better photo of this dress here.

I'm feeling extra glamorous with my new coif. 

I'm wearing the Miss L Fire boots again. I have received more complements on these boots than any other footwear that I own. I think it's because of the snazzy blue buttons.

The person who's house were were at is a local clothing designer - Veronica MacIssac. She's making me a dress and I can't wait to show it here on blog central. We're both lovers of all things Alexander McQueen so you can be sure she has most excellent taste.


  1. Those are really sweet boots - I think that they are a fairly safe "crazy" shoe for most people. I mean, you have way more outrageous shoes, and I think that many people don't know how to take crazy shoes (they tend to look away, in my experience). These are a neutral colour, with a really special detail. They are really fabulous.

    I love the new hair! You and Megan Mae have inspired me to have a streak put in. :)

  2. I love the detailing on your dress. And of course, the boots are adorable. I can't wait to see your dress. I'm a McQueen-addict too. I think the Plato's Atlantis show was the first that ever made me notice runway shows.