Friday, February 24, 2012

Beatle boots and Bay City Roller pants

My first "rock star" crush was Woody from the Bay City Rollers. My cousin had a few of their records and then I got a few of my own and I loved watching them on the Kroft Superstar Hour which is pretty much when they jumped the shark. They used to wear short tartan trousers - like this:

That's why I call these my Bay City Rollers pants.

Top: From a store on Main Street in Vancouver
Sweater: Smart Set
Pants: Orla Keily via eBay
Boots: Fluevog Look | Finch

Not sure if Orla Keily would like me calling them that though.

Pretty bright outfit, eh? By the end of the day I was quite uncomfortably though since the blouse has absolutely no give to it at all. When I'm standing up it's ok but sitting down it gets very tight around the waist.

Since the whole outfit is pretty crazy with the colour I thought that black footwear was the best choice. So I decided to wear my black Finch boots (or my Beatle boots).

I really should wear these more often - but when you have a brazillion pairs of shoes, it's hard to wear any pair very often. #firstworldproblem

Any big weekend plans? I'll be watching the Canadian women's Curling championship semi-finals and finals.


  1. Ah, the heel on the boots! That's amazing.

    I loved the Bay City Rollers, and I remember Kroft Superstars! Electro-Woman and Dyna-Girl was a favourite of mine.

    Those pants! Love the colours and the plaid.