Saturday, February 18, 2012

Casual Friday

Late blog because I went out after work to meet up with some local twitterers. Yesterday was Casual Friday and for once I actually dressed somewhat casually.

Sweater: Zellers
T-shirt: thrifted for $2.00
Pants: Boden
Shoes Fluevog Radio | CBC

When I went out after work I changed into a different pair of boots.

I got this t-shirt last weekend at a consignment shop out of the $2 box. It's a nice thick cotton and longer than a regular t-shirt. And the bow is cute.

Here's a closer look at the tartan shoes. Fun though I'm not sure what to wear them with. They look ok with this outfit but I'm not sure it's the best combination.


  1. The bow tee is adorable, and a great deal at only $2. I also lovelovelove the plaid shoes. I was looking really hard at the plaid and grey taller boots, but I honestly couldn't think of how I'd wear them.

  2. I'm not a fan of the Radio line - they're just not me, but I love the plaid. If they were in a pump, I would be all over them! I really like the ones you wapped out.