Monday, February 27, 2012

Day off

I had the day off today but I didn't have any plans but I wanted to get out of the house so I got all dressed up to go to my favourite breakfast place - Cora's.

My husband took this photo for me with my crappy camera.

Dress: Plenty by Tracy Reese (NYC)
Shirt: Smart Set
Boots: Fluevog Baroque | Vermeer
Bag: Jump from Paper

I may have got dressed up but I didn't bother with putting on any makeup. Maybe a mistake considering I wanted to have my photo taken.

Isn't this bag weird? I love how it photographs. It's not the most practical of bags since it's flat but it can hold my wallet, iPhone and iPad which is all that I need when I'm going out anywhere other than work.

Here's a close look at the boots from my iPhone. Cool heel, funky fabric and buckles. What else could a gal want?


  1. That is a very funky bag! I'd like a better picture of those fabulous shoes too!

  2. I love your hair! You can see the red really well in this shot. Also you have beautiful skin, forget makeup!

    That bag is really cool. It looks like it was cut out of an animation/cartoon. The effect is really cool.

    Also I agree with Sheila. ♥ Vermeers!

  3. Oh man, those are sweeeeet...I love them!