Monday, February 20, 2012

Something happens and I'm head over heels

Ever buy something because you see it and love it but when you get it home to think "What the hell am I going to wear with this"? That's what I feel about these shoes. They are so cute, so stripey and cool, but I have almost nothing that really works with them.

I got these shoes on Friday from ModCloth and I'm one of those people that MUST. WEAR. NEW. SHOES. right away so it was hard to wait until Monday. Unfortunately, I had a hard time figuring out what would match them.

The green of this dress is too leafy and the colour of this blouse is too tealy to go with the shoes but I guess they work okay-ish with the shoes.
Blouse: Massimo Dutti (from Lisbon)
Dress: Sweet Soul (from Vancouver)
Shoes: Poetic License (via ModCloth)

This is my green version of this blue dress that I wore in January. The best thing about it is the pocket in the front but it does tend to wrinkle rather quickly.

 My coworker said that these look like mint candies. I can't say I disagree.

I think they are a copy of the Prada striped shoes from their Spring 2011 collection. So these are the Main Street/High Street version of the Couture.

What have you bought recently that doesn't quite fit in with your wardrobe?


  1. Now I have that Tears for Fears song in my head, thanks, Megan!

    I LOVE these shoes - wow wow wow! Poetic License is one of my favourite brands, for their quirky designs. I actually bought a polka-dot pair recently (also PL), and I have only worn them once.

    I think that all of the items in this outfit "go" - they don't have to match exactly. Just avoid wearing red with them! Actually, a spring-y floral would look amazing with the stripes.

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! They remind me a lot of these ( Prada ones only with white instead black. I definitely think you'll find more matches with spring-y outfits. They'd look great with anything yellow or navy. I agree with Sheila, they'll be easier to work with in terms of "going" like you're doing here.

  3. When I was a kid we had a candy called Pacers. They were like Starburst, only they had green and white stripes. Your shoes remind me of my childhood.

  4. First off, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I definitely appreciate that!

    I wish I could say I'm the same when it comes to new shoes, but I'd ben completely lying. I do get shoes and wonder how to wear them, but they often sit around, unloved and neglected, until I figure it out! These shoes are really cute, and I actually like how you wore them with varying shades of blues and greens. I don't think it would look as good if it was too matchy matchy!