Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alice in Wonderland or 1950s housewife

Today I went for a Mad Men 1950s housewife look.

Dress: Shabby Apple
Skirt worn as petticoat: Smart Set
Shoes: Fluevog Wonders | Ayers
Hosiery: Urban Outfitters

One coworker said I looked like Alice in Wonderland and another said I looked more like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (minus the red shoes).

Those descriptions are probably better than my original thought. Certainly Alice was a strong female character.

This photo is an attempt to show the back of the tights. The tights are polka dotted but have a lacy stripe up the back.

I saw some Urban Outfitters tights on another blog (Sunday Crossbow) and loved them but I seem to have ordered a different design. That's what happens when you try to buy something online on impulse. Oh well. They're still pretty.

This is the other pair of Fluevogs that I got in NYC. I tried on a pair of these in May in Vancouver but ultimately didn't buy them. This time I couldn't leave them behind. It doesn't even feel like I'm walking in heels. Soooo comfortable.

I just finished watching the finale for the Walking Dead. I have two observations that won't give anything away. 1. They never seem to miss when shooting at the walkers - even those who have no experience shooting a hand gun and 2. They never run out of ammunition.


  1. Beautiful! I love this outfit, especially with your new shoes. I guess you'll be having those new-fangled TV dinners for supper tonight in front of your Zenith colour TV set. Or will that be meatloaf? Ha!

  2. The dress does have that whimsical retro look. I love the buttons and the Fluevogs!

    Sorry bout the tights. I had a similar thing happen, I ordered some crochet tights from Sockdreams, but the color was pretty much dark brown instead of burgundy (tag said burgundy though, so I kept 'em). I still think your tights are cute and fun. Thanks for showing detail pics.

  3. Love the dress, and the shoes a crazy gorgeous.

  4. Love your dress! It looks really pretty on you and it's one of my favorite patterns! Those shoes are super awesome as well.

  5. Those are a pair that I've been eyeing. So cute!

    I like the way the dress buttons up - nice collar on it as well.

    I agree on the shooting, however, they have shown them doing target practice, and we have to assume that's happening off-screen, but yeah, what's up with all the ammo??

    I'm stoked about Michonne! She is my favourite WD character from the GNs.

  6. As a recent discoverer of Vog Addiction, I am so jealous of your lovely new shoes. I love the retro dress, and while I know those hose weren't your intended purchase, they are still super-cool.