Friday, March 23, 2012

All Saints shirt

I really like the UK brand of clothing, All Saints, and I've ordered a few dresses and pants from their website. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck figuring out their sizing so I've had to have things altered so they fit properly.

When I was in NY, I went into the All Saints Spatialfields store in Soho and tried on a few things so I can get a better idea about how things fit. I also bought the blouse in this post and a t-shirt.

Blouse: All Saints (NYC)
Belt: Le Chateau
Skirt: Reitmans
Shoes: Chie Mihara

Originally I had worn this blouse untucked but it was making a weird peplum effect that wasn't overly flattering so I tucked 'er in.

The blouse is pretty staid other than being asymmetrical and the way the fabric is cut with the lines angling in toward the middle. I figured it was quirky but not too crazy for work.

This denim skirt is just a cheapy skirt from Reitmans that is very stretchy. I think I need to replace it for one with more structure. I was fussing with this all day.

And I wore my favourite shoes today.

When I got on the elevator in my office building a woman said "I love your shoes. You always have very funky shoes like Fluevogs."  I'd never seen her before. I guess my shoes make an impact and people remember them. I'm elevator famous!

Looking back at this week, I think I should have signed up for the Super Stripes week challenge. I wore stripes on Monday, Wednesday (the vest is pin striped), and Friday.


  1. Great top! I bet it would also look cool with trousers. Glad you got to go into an All Saints. I've pretty much determined I could wear any size by them except the smallest with minor to no alteration. Unfortunately it's hit or miss buying online whether a fabric will be comfy or drive me mad.

    As I commented via Twitter, I adore those shoes! They're very magical.

  2. I love All Saints on other people, but yeah, the sizing thing scares me. I should have tried some on when I was at their store in Camden Town.

    Love those shoes!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment!
    Those ARE funky fabulous shoes!Hurrah!