Monday, March 5, 2012

I stood beneath an orange sky

I finally gave in and faced the fact that I own too many shoes. On Saturday, I packed up two bags of shoes that I'd worn a few times and with which I have had issues (including this pair of Noa Noa shoes) so I thought it would be a good idea to try and earn some money off their sale.

I took them to a newish consignment store called Crimson & Clover (mostly) Consignment Boutique and the women who run the store seemed pretty excited by the things I had brought in and they only rejected two pairs. Hopefully this will pay for the two new pairs of Fluevogs I ordered last week. =)

While I was there, I saw this dress for $40.00.

Blouse: Winners
Wool dress: Crimson & Clover consignment (no name brand)
Slip: Vintage
Shoes: Fluevog Pin Up | Miss April

(I'm smiling like a dork because someone was watching me and I was very uncomfortable. Ooops.)

I've been looking to add some more orange into my wardrobe and this seemed to be subtle enough without being too *BAM* LOOK AT ME! I'M ORANGE. (Kind of like pajama dress from a few days ago.)

I'm not usually a fan of open toed shoes with tights but this grew on me today. The colours of the shoes are found in the pattern of the dress so it matches without being too matchy-matchy.

If you look closely on the dress, you can see a small motif of a shoe on the top left. Seems fitting.


  1. I am crazy and cannot unsee the "Day of the Dead Pacmen" in that pattern. Can you see it?!

    Anyway, the dress is fabulous, I love the crinoline. Congrats on consigning your shoes! Hope it made room (and money) for some new goodies.

  2. Ha, I also see the Day of the Dead!

    I love the dress - the slip peeking out is perfect, and I adore the shoes with it.

    What a score on your consignment items! Which Fluevogs have you ordered??