Monday, March 19, 2012

New York roundup and outfit post


So I spent most of last week in New York City. My husband was going down to do some photography so we went a few days earlier to spend some time in the city. I only got one outfit post the entire time I was there.

Yes, I know it's completely surprising that I visited the Fluevog store.

Blouse: ModCloth
Dress: Smoking Lily
Shoes: Fluevog Rivers
Purse: Roots Canada

I got two pairs of shoes, soon to be seen on the blog (one pair today). Across the street is my other favourite store, Lilith, where I also made a purchase or two.

One night we went to the opening of the Canadian Front movie series at MoMA and saw the movie Monsieur Lazhar which was very good. A friend of ours produced the movie Roller Town which we didn't see but he put our name on the list for the film after party. I asked about the dress code and was told "New York casual". I asked a few people what they thought that meant and was told "black".

So I did the opposite of black and wore my Charlotte Taylor ant dress.

Bad iPhone photo but you kind of get the idea. We didn't stay late at the party but we did meet a nice couple who recommended a restaurant to us - Raoul's - which was excellent. The food was very good and I had an absinthe as my pre-dinner cocktail. I recommend the asparagus/quinoa appetizer.

The next day while walking around we saw the strangest juxtaposition of stores.

Chanel - the epitome of elegance - across the street from Crocs - the epitome of bad. I refer you to the Manolo for a commentary on Crocs.

On Thursday night we went to see the Rangers play the Penguins which was significant because it was the return of Sidney Crosby, who apparently "sucks".

The Penguins won 5-2 and Crosby got an assist so I'm guessing Rangers fans define "suck" wrong. It was a fun evening even if I did fear for my life because I was cheering against the home team (just kidding).

On Friday, my last day there we walked around the Meatpacking district and I got to go into the store of my most favourite designer, Alexander McQueen.

So awesome! B bought me a scarf. Ieeeee! The guy in the store was super nice and I didn't feel like Pretty Woman when she went into all those stores and was snubbed because she was dressed poorly.

That's pretty much the highlights of my trip.Today I was back at work - back to all the DRAMA. GAH!

Shirt: Joe Fresh
Jumpsuit: Lilith
Shoes: Fluevog Gateway | Caspian

I'm not usually a jumpsuit fan because they so rarely look good (and they are so hard to manage when you have to use the bathroom). But I saw this and tried it on and it was love. True confession? I wore this 3 days in a row - that's probably why it's a little rumpled.

And these Fluevogs are my new favourites (face it, they're all my favourites). Someone said they look like "Nucky shoes" (a reference to Boardwalk Empire) and someone else said they were Nick Rhodes-esque. Both I take as complements.

This colour is so awesome and I can wear these with so many things. Love!


  1. I'm sorry, but next time, I have to go to NYC with you! You shop at all the best stores! And imagine what mischief we could get up to. :)

    I love the shoes - they are completely awesome. I wish they came in a high-heel version!

    Welcome back!

  2. Oh, I feel so sorry for you having had to trudge all around New York City. NOT!!!! What a fun trip!! Your ant dress is wonderful - you find the coolest patterns. Your last outfit, wow, no wonder you wore it three days running. It's perfect with those shoes. You are a natural New Yorker.


  4. I have to get to the NYC Fluevog store. I am thinking my upcoming 40th birthday will be the perfect occasion for my first trip to NYC and some shoes.

    I love those Caspians. GORGEOUS! I am so into oxfords right now, I just want to buy them all.

  5. I love your Fluevog shoes! I will definitely have to check out that brand.

    And your ant dress! I wanted that thing so badly when I saw it in Anthropologie last year.

  6. I like ants on a dress way better than ants in real life!