Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now that's what I call a dead parrot

My coworker (Hi L) commented that this was a pretty short dress. I thought about that when I put it on this morning and considered layering a skirt underneath it but I felt that with the very opaque tights that it wasn't as revealing as it might be if I had bare legs.

Shirt: Smart Set
Dress: Desigual (in Paris)

 These shoes are nothing special. Just plain black strappy heels. The shoes aren't exactly quality or well made but they'll do.

I bought this dress in Paris last June. My husband and I were just walking around down Rue de Rivoli when I saw the Desigual store and having learned about Desigual from other fashion blogs like Already Pretty and Fashion for Nerds, I dragged B into the store.

He's the one who actually made me buy this dress and also a jacket.

I like the back the most with the eye, zebra and how the sides are cut to make this very slimming.

I have since learned that my Pacific coast twin, Sheila from Ephemera has the exact same dress. Since we seem to share the exact same taste in clothing, I was totally not surprised.

And there's a parrot...on my ass. An EX-PARROT!


  1. Ah! That is a really awesome desigual dress. Even though it's a very statement piece, I've loved it every single way I've seen it. It's got an almost mod-look with the black underlayers. It is a bit shorter, but I think black tights do help keep it modest.

  2. It's not that short on me! You must be taller than 5'4".

    You'll love this: this dress is in my capsule wardrobe this month! I'll be wearing it soon, probably over the weekend.

    I love that we both bought our dresses on the other side of the pond.

    And really, you have exquisite taste, Megan. :) I would love to raid your closet (and your shoes - are you a 9-9.5/40, by any chance?). :-D

  3. It is an amazing dress! I love the parrot, but even without that, the colors are amazing and it's just so much fun! Looks fantastic on you!

  4. Hurrah for Desigual! Glad Audi and I convinced you to take a peek - that frock is fab.