Thursday, March 1, 2012

Polka dots and moonbeams

Happy March 1. Today is  my husband's birthday so a happy, happy 41st to my B. I bought him some tickets to see Cirque du Soleil which is coming here in May. We've seen a lot of Cirque shows - 1 in Lisbon, 3 in Las Vegas, and 1 here in town and they are all such amazing and wondrous shows. I'm looking forward to it! So I guess it's a present for me as much as it is for B.

May seems so far away right now because it's so cold out. FREEZING today. I wore this wool dress today but I probably should have worn wool pants.

Scarf: BHV in Paris
Sweater: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: Smoking Lily from Elsie's
Shoes: Fluevog Get Up! | Barkerville

I was excited when I found this dress at a local used clothing store. It looks brand new. Apparently there's a woman in town who brings a lot of Smoking Lily clothes to this store. Score!

When I got this dress, I also got a cute little hood with a screen printed anatomical heart on it. I should probably wear it tomorrow since it's going to continue to be cold and snowy.

Here's the dress without the sweater. The shirt is from a store in Reykjavik, Iceland.

My hair is getting quite long. I'm really happy with the length now and I especially like my new thicker, straighter bangs. I'm feeling cute again.

Hope everyone else is feeling cute too.


  1. Love that dress. Between you and Sheila, I see a smoking lily order in my future. I'm in love with their quirky designs (especially the bee stuff!)

    Make sure to snag pictures if you wear the hood. That sounds really awesome.

    Also I'm loving your hair. The dye and the cut are great. My hair is getting to the longest it has been in a couple of years and it's driving me bananas. My last cut was really bad, but I don't have the heart to cut it shorter to make it right. Maybe in a couple of weeks, it'll be time for a trim.

  2. I adore that dress - what a cool overall pattern! I do like their anatomical heart screens too - very different.

    I wore Smoking Lily today too!

    I really like the polka dot sweater with this (and of course I love the shoes).