Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vestage, vestuary, vestibule

Whenever I hear the word "vestibule" I think of Chandler from Friends being stuck in the ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. I tried to embed this video here but it's been disabled:

Anyway, the whole point of the "vest" words is that today I bought a vest from my friend Kim's clothing line called Orphanage. It's sold at a store called Indie Boutik Collective. Kim takes clothing and redesigns and repurposes it into unique, edgy and funky things. My husband has done some photography for her.

Vest: Orphanage Clothing
Shirt: Zellers
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa (from consignment store in NYC)

This vest used to be a men's suit jacket. I'm actually wearing it backwards (the other side has bust darts) but I like being able to use the pockets. It's pretty versatile.

I also own two other Orphanage shirts - one I bought at a store called Twig and Hottie in Vancouver and was so surprised to find Kim's clothing on the other coast.

I've worn this skirt two other times. I always seem to pair it with a black top. Will have to break out of that habit.

I've admired these shoes on eBay and on other blogs so when I saw these Melissa Three Strap Sandals in the window of a consignment store in NYC I was pretty thrilled. And they were my size! They are so comfortable, and awfully cute. I was concerned that these Melissa rubber shoes would be like the old jelly shoes from the 1980s that made people's feet sweat but they really don't. And you can wear them in the rain!

That's all for today. Remember - Gum is Perfection.


  1. Haha, I totally thought of that episode too when I saw your blog title. Your vest is really awesome. Repurposing can either go really awesome or potentially bad, but in this case - mega-awesome.

    I've wondered about the Melissa shoes. I'm still pseudo-considering hunting down a pair of the winged wedges. I used to live in jelly shoes as a kid, but the idea of rubber on my feet now seems like it would be sweaty.

  2. Outstanding vest! I love that! You've inspired me to go chop off the sleeves of some men's suits... The whole outfit look great. The shoes were obviously meant to be.

  3. That is my favorite episode of Friends ever. It's still hilarious to me, even all these years later!

    The jacket as a vest is awesome! Really awesome way to refashion it! Looks especially cool over such a ladylike dress - this is just a fantastic outfit overall!

  4. Loveing your skirt and shoes so much.

  5. I love the shoes! I don't know - I was a victim of a pair of blue pearlized plastic pumps in 1984 that destroyed my feet (visions of wrapping bandages around every toe and a full pad over my heels to keep them from blistering). I am leery of plastic shoes, but these are fabulous. And gold! Eee!

    When I first saw the skirt, I misread your attributions and thought you got it at Zellers, ha! It's amazing and you MUST wear it for summer with some colour (orange, red, yellow!).

    The re-purposed jacket is incredible. I love how it looks.

    I also love seeing your tattoos! I have been thinking about getting some on my upper arms (once my back is finished). How do they go over at work when they're visible?