Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black and White and Silver

The Good: I went to my favourite consignment store on Saturday to pick up the money I was owed for the shoes that I took to them to sell.

The Bad: I gave them more than half of the money I was owed back buying this tunic/dress and shoes.

Tunic/Dress: americanretro (from Crimson and Clover)
Skirt: Lacy Skirt (Knit by me)
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Melissa Ultragirl flats (from Crimson and Clover)

This tunic is a smidgen tight in the arms but not enough to discourage me from wearing it. The pattern is a bit loud and hard to photograph but you can believe me when I say that it's cute.

A big Thank you! to whoever gave up these shoes. So cute and shiny and practical in the rain! And they were only $50.00. New these shoes go for $150.00.

I'm heading to New Brunswick tomorrow for a meeting on Thursday but I'm taking my camera. I'm not sure what to take to wear though. I'll have to search through some outfit photos for inspiration.


  1. I love the sleeves on the tunic dress. So cute! Also omg I can't believe you knit that beautiful skirt yourself. You're very talented! Knitting is something I've never been able to master past making long rectangles.

    Congrats on the shoe-find! They're really cute. Goodluck and safe travels!

  2. What a sweet tunic dress! And like Megan, I am agog that you knit that underskirt! Wow, you are so talented!

    Have fun in NB - never been there myself!

  3. What thrift store sells Vivienne Westwood shoes like these? Awesome finds, including the dress. At least you walked away with half your owed money.

  4. Cute tunic and awesome shoes!

  5. Love the lacey skirt, and the gorgeous shoes.

  6. Love the pattern on that tunic, it's fun but not too loud because of the classic black/white combo. You look cute! :)

  7. I believe you! It's way cute. Funny story about the thrift store. It's hard for me to leave one without buying *anything* :)

  8. I think everyone has luck at thrift stores besides me haha. Those shoes are lovely and I love the print on your dress.