Monday, April 16, 2012

Black Jersey

I forgot to take my camera to work again today. Luckily it was still bright and sunny when I got home.

Dress: Shabby Apple from Pretty Things Boutique
Tights: Simon in Montreal
Shoes: Fluevog Wonders | Ayers

The dress was last worn here and the shoes were worn here.

Just a plain black dress with plain-ish black shoes, jazzed up with fancy tights. Yes, unfortunately it's still tights weather here though it's getting warmer. Makes me believe spring will finally come.

Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best outfits.

Just because you go simple, doesn't mean you can't add some subtle pizzazz.

And an update on my cat, Jetta. She had an ultrasound today and her bladder looks fine but her intestines show some issues that could be irritable bowel syndrome or lymphoma. We're treating her UTI and hopefully she'll keep eating well and gain her weight back. If she stops eating again, we'll consider getting a biopsy to determine what to do next. Poor sweet girl.


  1. Indeed, sometimes simple is best. I love the patterned tights and interesting cut of the dress. I also like your glasses. I admire that you go for bold frames.

    Glad to hear the good news about Jetta. I hope she keeps her appetite and gains that weight back. <3 She sounds like a sweetie pie. It's always hard when the fuzzyheads get sick.

  2. It's the small details in this outfit that I like: the collar, the pattern of the tights, the stitching on the shoes.

    Good news about Jetta's bladder - hopefully she will get some weight back on. It's so awful to see them sick.

  3. Simple is good! The cut of the dress is perfect on you. Hope your kitty starts eating better again! Poor thing!

  4. Love your black dress!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post!
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo

  5. Love this simple and chic outfit!
    You have a lovely blog with so many inspiring posts! Thanks for sharing, would you like to follow each other?