Sunday, April 22, 2012

A day off

Friday, April 20

This is Friday's outfit but I just got around to posting it now because yesterday I spent most of the day helping my husband to pack up his old studio and move things to his new studio. Then we went to a photo exhibit/competition where my husband won best portrait and then we had supper. It was a long day.

T-shirt: Club Monaco
Shoes: Fluevog | Bass Minstrel Marian

Friday was a less busy day but I had a long nap in the afternoon so it was also a bit of a wasted day.

Every person should have a pair of cute, red flats in their wardrobe. I also have these in teal. Once I wore one of each as you can see in this photo. Not really an everyday look but fun for a photo shoot. The funny thing is that when we were taking these photos, our Premier was in the drug store at the same time. Technically he's my boss (at the highest level) but I'm pretty sure he's never met me.

Jetta is doing much better now but isn't quite out of the woods. She's eating more but she's also doing strange things like wanting to stand in sinks full of water but not drinking anything. We're spoiling her rotten too - anything to get her to gain weight.


  1. I love this casual outfit, that shirt looks perfect with your hair. Congrats on your husband's win! I agree that everyone needs a pair of red shoes.

  2. That's awesome about your husband winning best portrait - congratulations to him!

    Love the red shoes. I like to waste days off on naps too.

  3. Today is about your gorgeous glasses, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh