Saturday, April 28, 2012


Yesterday I was feeling out of sorts. I don't know why but I was pretty sulky all day. Who doesn't have those days where you walk around with a big pout on your face that says "Leave me alone"? Even taking these photos felt like a chore and I had to delete a lot of photos where my face just said "grouch".

April 27

Necklace: F21
Sweater: Zellers
Jumpsuit: Lilith
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa

I love this jumpsuit and I love these shoes but I just felt like a rumpled mess. Even the look on my face says "MEH".

This jumpsuit is a linen blend so it wrinkles the moment you take it off the hanger.

I order to take an interesting photo, I put on my coat.

I bought this coat at Smoking Lily's tiny wee store in Victoria. It's about the size of a closet. I remember grabbing it and trying to buy it with my debit card but their machine was down so I had to run down the street to a bank machine to get the money so this coat could be MINE!

And it was a great purchase. I've had it for about 5 years and it's machine washable and still looks new. I get a lot of complements on it.

The only weird thing about it is that one panel is of a different screen print - something like a rural road with power lines. Kind of an oddity.

And the back.

I could have sold this coat a few hundred times but I'll never give it up. It probably cost me close to $300 but my per wear cost is about $1.00.  Worth every penny!

Even my cat Merlin is Pouting! 


  1. I think both the jumpsuit and the coat are gorgeous. I've learned to love wrinkly clothes, but I'm also a wee bit obsessed with linen.

    I also may have aww'd very loudly at the kitty-picture. Sammycat loves to make that face at me, usually followed by rolling over on his back and chirping at me.

  2. I've been having a "meh" week too.

    I have a Noa Noa dress, but not sure if it's your style. They had tons at Dots, but it's mostly smalls (you look like a medium/large in Noa Noa to me, no offense! That's what I wear). Will send you the pic shortly.

    I bought a pair of linen Smoking Lily cropped lime green wide pants today. You and Megan Mae are rubbing off on me.

    Vizzini is sitting on my lap, looking intently at Merlin. What a sweet kitty - I love the look on his face.

  3. Oh, and geez, totally forgot: LOVE the shoes. Those are those plastic ones, right? I've seen them around. Too cool.

    Also, hello! Of course we both have an octo-coat from Smoking Lily! They don't make that style anymore.

  4. That is a great ensemble but I love that coat with that out-of-nowhere print stuck on there. I hope the weekend brings more cheer!

  5. That coat is in my needs now, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    have a lovely Sunday, dear friend