Friday, April 6, 2012

The Music Between Us

Earlier this week Keely of Casual Chic Kiki posted photos of herself in simple jeans and t-shirt combinations and noted that some bloggers only post photos of their work week outfits. I'm definitely one of those, mostly because work is the best place for me to take photos. My house is small and has terrible lighting so it's hard to take pictures inside there and it's been very cold so it's been hard to take pictures outside either before or after work (not to mention in the winter it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home).

Anyway, this morning B and I were up early to go to our favourite breakfast spot so I decided to take a photo of my outfit. This isn't exactly a typical "day off" outfit since I rarely, rarely wear sneakers. This is about as casual as I ever get though.

Glasses: Jee Vice | Angel Kiss
Sweater: Pretty Things Boutique
T-shirt: Duran Duran concert t-shirt bought in Montreal October 2011
Pants: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Cheapy off-brand sequined kicks!

I'm on my way to help my husband move more of his photo gear into his new studio so this will be utilitarian and funky.

I wear glasses most of the time but I take them off at work since I don't need them to use my computer or to read documents so I rarely have them on when taking my photos.

Sparkly shoes! I bought these when I was out a few years ago with B and my sister and we all bought a pair. They're like a party on your feets!


  1. Love seeing your casual outfit - it's really cute. The sneaks are awesome - sequins!

  2. You dress so cool, even for casual looks. I adore the sneakers! Okay, and the plaid pants too. You look cute in your glasses! I have to wear mine all the time.. well mostly. I often take them off in frustration while at home and forget to put them back on.

  3. I like your casual attire! The glasses look great on you and sparkle on the runners is really fun.

  4. I like your glasses. Good point about most of us just showing our work wear. It's great to see another aspect of your beautiful style.