Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty Pucci

Today I wore the first two things I bought at the Crimson and Clover Consignment store. I didn't realize it until I got to work that my outfit was entirely thrifted (other than the tights). Well, the sweater was from Joe Fresh but I think I got it for $5.00 or something crazy like that.

Sweater: Joe Fresh
Dress: No Tag from Crimson and Clover
Shoes: Emilio Pucci from Crimson and Clover

I didn't notice until the first time I wore this that there was a longer piece on the front which makes me like it even more.

My favourite part is the built in obi belt detailing. It makes the design more interesting than a plain blue dress.

Unfortunately, I don't really fill out the chest in this very well. The curse of the small of chest.

This sweater is too big, even after I washed it and put it in the dryer, which I would normally never do to a wool sweater. (I can feel my knitting friends cringing.)

These shoes don't really match but I don't care because they're awesome! Pucci shoes for $80.00 is a bit of a steal.

The print on the fabric part of the shoes is pretty subtle on the outside but is still distinguishable as "Pucci-esque". It's repeated inside the shoe but it's not like that's ever on display to the public. It's like my own little secret!

And today is the start of a 4-day weekend for me. Being a bureaucrat I get Monday off so I'm kicking up my heels in excitement. WHOOT!

Easter marks the ending of a long winter without statutory holidays. Hopefully it will warm up soon!


  1. I love the obi portion of this. Also the Pucci shoes are so cool for such a great price. Hope you enjoy your time off!

  2. There is nothing more fine than an obi belt - and a wonky hemline. Happy long weekend!

  3. I'm dying over those shoes! They look fantastic on you!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Ha, the last pose is great!

    I have a 4-day weekend as well, thank god.

    Love the dress with the uneven front and the obi-element. I have never bought a piece of Joe Fresh - it just feels so cheap.

  5. Love both the shoes and the dress!! I think the shoes work with the outfit - looks great.

    Btw, I'm wearing the yellow Bettie Page dress in your header right now! Love it. :) I was going to do an outfit post with it but I'm feeling pretty wiped today - next time!

  6. The Pucci shoes are perfect with your outfit, and pick up some of the highlights in that amazing obi belt.