Thursday, May 10, 2012

I seen a lot of things, That make your chicken curl

Today I got some good news! My staff person (HEY L!) who was supposed to be finished at my office at the end of the month was just extended 6 months! So glad to not be losing such a great person from my team. Sometimes things do work out!

OH! and I also got Duran Duran tickets for their two shows at Casino Rama in Orillia on August 31 and September 1. Rows 10 and 7 respectively! WHOOOOO!

This skirt makes me smile. It used to be a dress but I had to bodice removed because it was a bit snug. Who doesn't love a good chicken motif?

Necklace: Pretty Chic (present from my sister)
Blouse: Etsy
Skirt: Store in Victoria
Shoes: Fluevog Alli | Alison

I call this my Chicken Lady skirt - not to be confused with the Chicken Lady from the Kids in the Hall.

I like clothing with prints of animals on them, as opposed to animal prints. Some might find that juvenile but they make me happy. Isn't that what clothes are supposed to do?

It's still cold and rainy here - part of living on the ocean I guess - so I'm still wearing tights and I have my propane fireplace on tonight. My cat Dougal seems to be melting into the floor.

Maryjane shoes also make me happy especially if they're Fluevogs.

Just a reminder that May 15th is International Fluevog day (so named because it's John Fluevog's birthday). It also happens to be my birthday. This year I'll be 41. Last year I celebrated at the Gastown Fluevog store in Vancouver. This year I'll just be working like it's a regular day. BLAH.


  1. Woowoo! Congrats on the concert tickets. Hope you enjoy the shows!

    I love your chicken skirt. I also prefer prints of animals to animal prints. And I LOVE your chicken skirt. It's one thing to do butterflies or kittens, but I'm obsessed with "odd" animal prints (lobsters, chickens, bugs).

    I also really like your top. Do you remember the etsy seller?

    Happy-almost-birthday. I hope you get to do something fun anyway.

  2. I love that blouse!! Is it handmade? Do you remember the store you bought it at?

  3. Okay, so many cool things in one post.

    1. Happy Birthday! 41 - you are such a pup. Ha! Seriously, you are awesome.

    2. Yay for Fluevogs.

    3. Yay for The Kids in the Hall - I saw them live in oh...'98? 5 rows from the front, and they did the Chicken Lady and Simon and Hecubus and the Head, good times.

    4. That shirt! wow, love it.

    etc...Duran Duran, shoes, team person, yay! And Dougal!

    Happy almost weekend, Megan, and happy 41. You rock.

  4. Chickens on a dress! Love it! I really enjoy animal print too - especially something like this, it's not over the top. And the colors are delightful. I like the unique sweater you have on with it too! Very fun look!

  5. Wow,such a fun loving chikadoo skirt :) I also love prints of animals on clothes, so much fun!

  6. I've got 2 things to be jealous about in this post: your Duran Duran tix and your skirt's chicks!