Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Off-site failure

Today I spent the day at another office conducting data tests. Basically a warehouse is being made of our client data and we have to run queries and do cross-tabulations to see if we can identify any bugs. Amazingly, we (me and a coworker) found some! One was a fairly big thing that luckily the coders fixed quickly. I have to go back tomorrow and Thursday morning.

I had to try and find a place to take my photo where I wouldn't be discovered and have people think I'm a freak. I wasn't very successful in finding a place with good light though so the photo is kinda crappy.

Necklace: gift from my boss from China
Jacket: Joe Fresh
Blouse: Some store in Paris
Belt: H&M
Pants: Lilith in NYC
Shoes: Fluevog Rivers

I kind of hated this outfit and I think it's time to admit that this top is not a keeper. It's supposed to be big but I feel like I'm constantly pulling it up.

I belted it because I hoped it would keep me from looking huge but I think it did the opposite.

I came home and changed before going to the grocery store because I was so uncomfortable.

Do you ever have totally outfit failures where you can't wait to take off?


  1. Oh, hell yes! Sometimes I just loathe my outfits.

    The top isn't doing you any favours, but I love all the other pieces. I'd like to see the details of the necklace.

    Congrats on finding some bugs! I work with IT people and that's a big deal.

  2. I love all the other pieces, but I don't think that's the best top. Maybe a redo with a slimmer fit shirt?

    I like your expression today! It looks like you're hiding out snapping your pictures, but trying not to giggle and give yourself away!

    Yeah, some days I can't wait to get out of what I'm wearing. Those outfits are usually the ones that wind up in the donation bin.

  3. Yes, the top's colour is blah, maybe if you dyed it, or pulled it down so the collar is around your waist if possible to turn it into a skirt. I'd also be tempted to paint it. Yes, today just before I went out I threw off my top wildly and changed it, whew, much better.

  4. Absolutely! I had a day like that last week and didn't realize just how awful it was until I took my pictures and saw the horror. I think it happens to all of us.

    I do love your jacket! I think it'll go wonderfully with other things!