Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh oh Sheila, let me love you til the morning comes

More Smoking Lily today, courtesy of my West Coast fashion blogger twin Sheila!

Sweater: Pretty Things Boutique
T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Belt: Smoking Lily (from Sheila)
Skirt: Smoking Lily (worn by Sheila here)
Shoes: Fluevog Wonders | Ayers

Sheila wasn't going to keep this skirt so she offered it to me and I was more than happy to take it off her hands.

It's Smoking Lily, it's red, it has pockets so it's right up my alley.

She threw in this belt too.  My belt is a Moose! So your argument is invalid!

Really, how Canadian is this belt?

Same outfit, sans cardigan.

Tomorrow I have a job interview. My coworker asked me if I was going to wear a black, pinstriped power suit. After I stopped laughing I said "No". I don't own such a thing and even if I did I couldn't wear something like that. It would make me very uncomfortable - just not me.

Funky pattern on the skirt. Kind looks like someone's cheat sheet for a final exam.

This is a long weekend in Canada since we celebrate Victoria Day on Monday. I found this explanation on the interwebz:

Victoria Day is a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25. It honours Queen Victoria's birthday.

Victoria Day is also commonly called the May 2-4 weekend (as in May 24th) and it marks the unofficial start of the cottage season where cases of beer (as in 2-4 cases) are consumed by hard working Canadians.

Happy May 2-4!


  1. Wee! Thanks for the shout-out, Megan!

    I love this skirt on you - it looks awesome! I'm so glad you like it and the belt (I know, so Canadian, eh?). Wicked outfit overall.

    Good luck with the job interview - internal? Can't wait to see what you wear!

    Victoria Day is a big deal here, it being Victoria and all (duh). Big parade and stuff going on around town. Happy long weekend!

  2. FYI, the "here" link doesn't link to a skirt post:


  3. Hooray for Sheila-gifts! The skirt is fabulous and the belt? Freaking adorable. I really love the one she gifted me, but it's a little loose and I need to take it up. That polkadot sweater is ridiculously adorable.

    Hehe! My most successful interview outfit was a black dress with an emerald tank under it with yellow shoes. Snagged two (short-lived due to my own choice) jobs with that combo!

    Thanks for the lesson on Victoria Day. I'm always wondering about the holidays that pop up on my calendars with (Canada) or (UK) under them. Happy Victoria Day! Enjoy the time off.

    And good luck with the interview!

  4. Seriously love this outfit. Cheat sheet skirt I adore you. I am so going to add Smoking Lily to my list of designers to search on ebay.

    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck on interview.

  5. I love all of it, but the moose belt just kills me!

  6. That skirt is so unique! It does look like a test cheat sheet - very cool :)

  7. It's a great skirt, definitely does have kind of a unique print doesn't it? And OMG moose belt?? I love that! My mom collects mooses, her mind would be blown if she had that belt! Cute stuff overall. And now I have "Oh Shelia" stuck in my head.