Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Day shenanigans

Today is Victoria day in Canada so I had the day off of work. The weather has been gorgeous here this weekend and today was no exception.

To celebrate we went downtown to Bistro Le Coq for lunch.

Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Fluevog Faiths Low | Reumah
Drink: French Martini

Since I was wearing this dress I thought it was only appropriate to have a cocktail. Tell me I'm wrong, I dare you!

These are my birthday/Fluevog Day shoes. I love the colourful wood on the heels. I really need a pedicure.

After lunch we went to the Museum of Natural History to see the exhibit of superhero and sci-fi costumes.

Out of this world...and this is the only Canadian exhibit!

Adam West's Robin Costume from the TV series

Vest and Sash worn by Captain Kirk

George Clooney's Batman costume

Darth Vader!

Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail

Captain Picard's jumpsuit. It's actually dark purple in colour, not red.

The Riddler. Very cool Creepers.

Luke Skywalker's light saber and his hand

There were other costumes too like of Obi Wan Kenobi, Seven of Nine, T-Pal, and the Wicked Witch of the West's hat. A sci-fi/fantasy nerd's delight!  Highly recommended.


  1. What an amazing outfit you're rocking!

  2. That looks like a really fun exhibit! Jealous of your day off, though we have Memorial Day in the US next Monday, so I'm looking forward to a day off for that. Perfect cocktail dress to drink a cocktail!!

  3. This is the Awesome Police, It's official, too much awesome in this post. Love the yellow dress (how appropriate cocktail dress for cocktails!) and the new Vogs. <3 Unph, my obsession with green shoes continues.

    Superhero sci-fi costume exhibit! Aaa! Thanks for the pictures. I wish I could go.

  4. Gorgeous dress! I love your shoes:)

  5. Definitely a dress in which to down cocktails, and the shoes are gorgeous! The weather has been beautiful here on Ontario this weekend too.

  6. I tried those shoes on in the Gastown store! They looked horrible on me (my feet are very narrow and they slid right out the toes practically), but they look fantastic on you.

    I adore your yellow dress - it reminds me of my Spanish lady dress. Same classic style with a yowza pattern! You look amazing in it.

    I am so geekily envious of that exhibit! I love that stuff!

  7. Super outfit, happy shoes and fun exhibit. Thanks for photos as not sure when that one will come my way.

  8. Cocktails are definitely required when wearing that dress!

  9. Such a lovely dress, you look great! Oh my, what an interesting exhibition, how I would love to see those costumes myself! I am a huge scifi/Star Trek fan, I'd go crazy for Captain Picards' costume! :)

  10. lovely layered oufits,
    btw adam west played batman, burt ward played robin, fun show