Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When I run out of blue give me red instead

Today it was announced that Duran Duran was going to represent English musical talent at the beginning of the Summer Olympics in London. What I wouldn't give to be there! Whoot! I also learned that the band Snow Patrol is from Northern Ireland and not from British Columbia. Why did I ever think that? Probably some mountain/skiing/avalanche thinking.

Whenever I put this dress on I think "Why don't I wear this more often?"  Then after a few hours, I start to get itchy because the dress is 100% wool and it's unlined. I need to remember to wear a camisole underneath it.

Jacket: Le Chateau
Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg from NYC
Shoes: Fluevog Together Hi | Benatar

As with many dresses, the waist sits about 5 cms above my natural waist so I do find that a little annoying. But despite that and the itchiness I won't be giving it up. It has pocket and it's twirly!

I think that the next time I wear this dress I will wear less chunky shoes; maybe wear my Franco Sarto shoes or my new Desigual shoes.

I've been thinking about some of the new fashions that are trendy this spring and there's a few that I won't be adopting. These include:

1. Boat Shoes/Topsiders - a staple in the 1980s with any good Preppy teens wardrobe along with Bass Weejun Penny Loafers and Tretorn sneakers.
2. Patterned pants - especially ones made of floral fabric (tartan and stripes are the exceptions)
3. Fancy nail polish designs - I can't stand the way nail polish feels on my finger nails. I do think the designs look pretty though.
4. Mega Platforms - because of the ugly. (this also includes about 99% of Jeffrey Campbell's designs)

One I thought I'd stay away from is the resurgence of neon but I find myself really wanting a pair of neon heels.

Any trends you will be avoiding?



  1. That dress does have a gorgeous drape and is a very flattering color. Sorry to hear the wool is itchy! I'm probably one of the few people who has very little problem with most wool.

    I'm with you on most of the trends you dislike. I do not understand the appeal of boat shoes as fashion shoes. I don't wear polish at all. It does cause a weird pressure when you wear it though. Huh, never really thought about that.

    I would wear patterned pants, but only in the futuristic prints, stripes or plaid. Well maybe it if it was something well outrageous I might change my tune. Like the lobster print pants I saw in the thrift store (not my size!).

    I do have an unfortunate fondness for neon right now. And I also have a fondness spice girl shoes. I blame.. well the spice girls, and this pair of boots I had from grades 6-10, which are evidently still being made for the mall-goth masses.

  2. You need a full vintage slip under that dress! One that peeks out underneath, or a full underskirt to pouf that hem out more (love your swirl pose!).

    I hated those boat shoes when they were first around - I can't imagine wearing them ever.

    If they were the right pattern, I would totally wear floral pants again.

    I never wear nail polish either.

    I prefer my Fluevog Guides for a crazy platform, but I don't like those big chunky ones on stilettos. They look like hooker shoes to me.

    Yay, Duran Duran!

    PS - how did I somehow "unfollow" you??

  3. You have great taste in shoes!!

  4. Like Shelia suggested, a slip would be helpful with that dress I bet. I love things that are wool and yet I hate them because like you, I get so itchy when I wear them. I really love the look of this dress on you though and I was surprised to learn it was wool!

    I don't mind patterned pants or the nails but I'm with you on both types of shoes - they're just a no for me. I've been resisting neon too, but I kind of want to dip my toe into it and get like a neon belt or something. Subtle. We'll see.

  5. I agree with Sheila - all that amazing dress needs is a full slip. The shape is fantastic, and it's so hard to find reds that are true and flattering. I'd never part with it either.

  6. Im totally on the same page as you when it comes to new fashion must haves. :)