Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whenever I wear stripes I think of Duran Duran

Ok, it doesn't take much to make me think of Duran Duran but some of their first photo shoots had the band members wearing these black and white (or blue and white?) shirts.


My outfit isn't even close to the same but any excuse to mention my favourite band.

Blouse: Vero Moda
Pants: Banana Republic via Crimson and Clover
Shoes: Melissa (last worn here)

I love these shoes and I only almost fell over in them once. Luckily my coworker was beside me to help break my fall.

This week has been very long, and very busy so I was happy to go out tonight with my girlfriends and have a few laughs. This might have been part of our conversation:

Friend A: Hey! Another BeeGee died!
Friend S: Yes, Robin
A: No, Maurice
S: No, he was already dead
A: Only Barry is left
Me: And Andy died in the 1980s.
Me: Andy Gibb had a very hairy chest.
A:  So did Barry but you'd expect that because he had that big beard.
S: Because only bearded men have hairy bodies?
Me: Yes, no men with beards are naked.
S: Hairless?
Me: Yes, that's the word, not naked.

Here you can see that the pants are striped and you can see the orange stripe on the back of the heels.

We went out for Chinese food and this was my fortune. Hopefully it will be Tyrion Lannister.

Tomorrow I'm not in the office - I'm out at training. Hopefully I'll find a place to take a photo.


  1. I have a top like the Duran Duran ones in my next capsule! Ooh!

    I love this outfit - inspired use of stripes. And how funny is your conversation? I also would have piped up about Andy Gibb - I still have my Andy Gibb records, yes, two of them! I had a poster of him beside my bed (with his very hairy chest) and kissed him on the mouth every night until his face wore off. :)

  2. I can see the inspiration! And omg I love those wedges so much, but I have that very problem with wedges: they make me fall over. I can't feel the floor through them well enough and uneven ground makes me fall on my face.

  3. I like that closeup so I can see those stripes and that fantastic stripe on the heel. I think I had that same conversation too, except with different names, and a different location, and different friends - but the same thing.

  4. Similar conversation with my sister about the Bee Gees.

    Big fan of stripes. Einderful homage to Duran Duran

  5. I love this style :)
    great post!

  6. Laughing at your Bee Gee conversation, hilarious!!

    I really love this top, it is super cute!! I love the little peak of orange on the back of your shoes, too fun!

  7. So have you had an encounter with Tyrion lately? ;) hhehe he is me favourite short person as well :)

  8. Loving your double stripes!