Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Black and grey ruled the day. But the main feature of this outfit is this necklace.

Necklace: The Bay
Sweater: Zellers
T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Pants: Lilith in NYC
Shoes: Fly London

All these strands of beads are connected together at the back so it really is just one piece. I like it but I tend to obsessively play with them while I'm working. Maybe that helps me think?

It has been a nice sunny week so far but it's still rather chilly most of the day. Hence the sweater and the wintery booties.

This shirt and the sweater were uber-cheap while the pants and shoes were more expensive. It's interesting how many outfit/fashion bloggers are mixing less expensive brands with pricier pieces. It's all part of mixing and matching and creating new combinations.

Anyway, enough blabbing for now.


  1. The Bay always has great jewelry - is this their in-house brand or one of the ones they carry like Nine West?

    Love the shoes! I need more Fly Londons.

  2. An incredible tumble of necklaces. I like ones that come all attached together. Makes the layered look super easy.

    Love the booties. I admired those for awhile in red. They slipped away in my size though. Sad!

    I love mixing high-low fashion. I still prefer to shop cheaply when I can, but really prefer to pay out on comfy cute shoes and special pieces.

  3. I love your necklace! And I like the outfit over all, it's really nice. I can't believe it's cold enough for a sweater and winter booties though where you are!!

  4. Your trousers make me think of samurai pants. fierce!