Saturday, June 30, 2012

Can you, can you taste the summer?

Now that it's almost July, we've had another warm weather day. It was about 29°C today, but warmer with the humidity. Hot, hot, hot!

I didn't start the day wearing this - I was wearing a red and brown dress when I went grocery shopping (twice a year, whether I need to or not) and in the produce section a very sweet young woman asked me where I got my dress. Unfortunately, I bought it in a local shop that is now closed. Anyway, I sweated through that dress so I changed into a t-shirt and shorts. But after dinner, we went out for ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery so I put this on.

Cardigan: Danier via Value Village
Dress: The Gap (about 2 years ago)
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Wine: Fetzer Zinfandel

I didn't really need the cardigan - it was more for "modesty" since the dress is a racer back and sleeveless.

My backyard is a mess. When we bought this house in 2004, I was so excited to do some gardening. Turns out, I don't really enjoy gardening. When you garden you have to go outside. And when the weather is conducive to gardening, it's usually sunny. I don't like being outside in the sun.

So, my back garden is overgrown and has been taken over by gout weed and deadly nightshade. Such a shame because it used to be so nice. Maybe I'll get off my duff and dig it up. Or maybe I'll just sit on my deck (with my Christmas light still on it) drinking wine and not caring about the garden.

Tomorrow is Canada Day! Happy Canada Day (or Dominion Day in my parent's village)!


  1. Hee! It was 41.1C(106F) here today. I've sweated through three outfits and plan on finishing up the day with a nice cool shower.

    I like the maxi dress with the heart sandals. Perfect for weathering the heat.

    Happy (early) Canada Day!

  2. We have identical philosophies on gardening. :)

  3. It was about 35 degrees here, and I changed my clothes three times. We were both wearing our Melissa sandals!!! I just got mine on Friday, and put a photo of them on my blog today; I love the heart shape and they are surprisingly comfortable.

  4. I am with you on the gardening. I need to be independently wealthy so that I can someone else garden for me!

    It is sunny and windy here, probably around 20 degrees. Argle bargle. Will summer ever get here??

    Love the dress! You look like a tall drink of wine. :)

  5. Loving those Melissa sandals, and I am a big fan of a maxi, so the dress works for me.
    Drinking wine while allowing nature to take its course sounds very civilised to me!
    Love Curtise x

  6. I'm still looking for the perfect striped maxi dress/skirt, but it looks like you found it.

    I like puttering around in my herb container garden and trying desperately to attract hummingbirds. But I save all my "gardening" for the early hours and the late hours. Not a big fan o' direct