Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Days of Grey

Yes, it was cold enough today for a turtleneck sweater!

Top: unknown brand
Corset: Spaks Mannsspjarir from Reykjavik
Skirt: Smoking Lily (worn here)
Shoes: Fluevog Adrian | Alli (worn here)

I had an entirely different outfit planned for today which included this corset top but this was a last minute fill in outfit. It was just too cold for my original idea. Hopefully I'll get to wear it soon.

I love this corset top and everything that was in the Spaks store in Reykjavik. Their designs are so unique and the clothes are so well made.  I wish I'd been able to buy more.

I don't like this shirt layered underneath the corset though. In fact, this shirt is going to leave my wardrobe. I don't like how hippy it makes me look so "buh-bye" shirt!

This corset would look so much better without that messy looking peplum sticking out the bottom (and with a less wrinkly skirt).
Tonight at dinner, my friend told me that she's only ever been to 5 concerts in her life so I tried to list all the concerts I'd been too. Here's what I came up with:

James Taylor - 1980ish (with my parents)
Images in Vogue - 1986ish (at my high school)
Erasure - 1989 in Toronto
Sloan and The Pursuit of Happiness - 1991 (at university)
The Barenaked Ladies - 1991 (at university)
Chris Isaak - 3 times between 1992-1994
Morrissey - 1992 at Canada's Wonderland
Skinny Puppy - 1993 in Toronto
Molson Park music concerts - 1993, 1994
Depeche Mode - 1994 at Canada's Wonderland
The Tragically Hip - 1995 in Harrisburg, PA
Lloyd Cole - 1995 in Toronto
The Stone Roses - 1995 in Toronto
The Tragically Hip - 1998 in Halifax
Lloyd Cole - 2001 in Boston
The Tragically Hip - 2003 in Halifax
The White Stripes - 2007 in Halifax
The Pixies - 2011 in Halifax
Arcade Fire - 2011 in Halifax
Lloyd Cole - 2011 in Halifax
Duran Duran (with Neon Trees) - 2011 in Montreal

Kind of a weird mix of bands and singers. I'm going to see Duran Duran again in August/September - whoot!


  1. Oh, how I love that corset top! It's fantastic! I need one!

    I don't really mind it with the turtleneck and I actually like it with the piece hanging out the bottom - I don't think it makes you look hippy at all, Megan!

    This is hilarious, but strangely the only overlap we have in our concerts is...Images in Vogue! They opened for Bryan Adams on his "Cuts Like a Knife" tour in 1983. I remember that song, "You Mistook My Lust for Love" (or something like that).

    My concerts...hmmm...a surprising amount of them over the years. All Victoria, except as noted.

    Bryan Adams (1983)
    Corey Hart (1985)
    Platinum Blonde (1985)
    Dire Straits (1985)
    Rock & Hyde (1986)
    Idle Eyes (1987?)
    54-40 (1987, some Amnesty International concert)
    Alice in Chains (1990?)
    Napalm Death (1991?)
    GWAR (1993)
    Loreena McKennitt (1994)
    The Rankin Family (1994)
    K-OS (1999)
    Captain Tractor (2000?)
    Blue Rodeo (twice, in the last 5-6 years)
    Beck (4 years ago)
    Judas Priest (abt 4 years ago)
    Alice Cooper (4 years ago, Vancouver)
    Rush (about 3 years ago, Vancouver)
    Leonard Cohen (twice, in the last 1-3 years)
    Steve Earle (twice, in the last 1-3 years)
    Metric (a couple of years ago)
    Lucinda Williams (last year)

    L and I dressed up for Alice Cooper, hee hee:

  2. Lovely corset top. It's excellent with your SL skirt. I think the asymmetrical shirts fit for shape though, and I look forward to the next wearing of that top to see how it looks styled differently.

    I have been to two non-school related, non-symphony related concerts ever. One was the Riverside Festival when the Strokes played (we camped out all day for 3rd "row" eye-level "seats", rows 1&2 were in a pit).

    And I went to a Bright Eyes concert because a friend had an extra ticket and no one to go with. The seats were kind of terrible, and I don't really listen to Bright Eyes so I didn't know the music.

    Jealous of your White Stripes concert. My uncle (the works-for-celebs chef) scored a White Stripes concert DVD thing for me when he did a venue related thing serving them, but would have much rather gone to see them in person!

  3. I really like gray. It's soft and pretty and not gloomy or dull. It's actually one of my favorite colors. I like the way you put this outfut together.

    I should put together a concert list. I haven't seen too many stadium shows, but I've been lucky to see some great acts in smaller venues. Psychedelic Furs came to Seattle last year. That was a great show!

  4. Okay, now I'll have to go to Reykjavik to get a cool corset like that! I agree with Sheila, I don't think it makes you look hippy but if you are not feeling the love, time for the heave-ho.

  5. You don't look hippy at all. You remind me of Megan, who I have been fortunate to hang out with this week, and says she is much wider on bottom than she looks to me (slim and delicate).

    I realized I've been taken to a weird combo of concerts in my life, sometimes with a date or a child, including Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Barry Manilow (college date thought it would romantic, but I'm so embarrassed to admit it :), David Bowie, Alicia Keys, John Legend, B52s, The Mavericks, and a few more can't remember. Seeing Prince is on my bucket list.

  6. P.S. Took The Teen to see Ke$ha on her 15th birthday. I was certain I'd be the oldest person there. Boy, was I wrong. I had a surprisingly awesome time :o

  7. I think this is a great look, especially love the corset and your shoes! But if the shirt makes you feel uncomfortable then it's not worth staying in your closet!

    Impressive concert list - mine is varied/semi lame but here it is-

    Gordon Lightfoot (with my parents) 1994
    Amy Grant 1995
    Jewel 1998
    Sarah McLachlan 2004
    Goo Goo Dolls 2006
    Solid Gold/Yeasayer/Calexico/The Decemberists - 2009
    OK Go/Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings/MGMT - 2010
    Booker T and the MGs/Neko Case/My Morning Jacket - 2011
    Josh Groban - 2011
    Cage the Elephant/The Black Keys - 2011

    Told you it was varied! The ones that are listed together are from an outdoor show we go to every year. We're going again this year but it's all local groups this year except for Tuneyards.

  8. I think the long top looks quite nice actually! Not hippy at all.

    I had to think on this hard and I really couldn't tell you if it was a complete list. I would of said oh like 7 or 8 total but apparently I was way off. I feel like I never go.

    John Mellencamp 1994
    Offspring 1995
    Garbage and Smashing Pumpkins 1996
    Bush 1996
    Offspring 1996
    Everclear 1997
    Sister Hazel 1997
    Dishwalla and Sonichrome 1998
    Mike Doughty and Rusted Root 2002
    Sugar Ray and Matchbox 20 2003
    Lemonheads 2004
    Mike Doughty 2005
    Madonna 2006
    Gwen Stefani 2007
    Mike Doughty 2007
    Mike Doughty 2010
    Lemonheads 2011

    I swear there is another mike show because I am almost positive I have seen him 5 times.

  9. I love The Tragically Hip. You don't hear much about them on the East Coast. When I lived in Michigan, I heard them all the time on the radio. Also, love, love, love Stone Roses. You've been to some awesome concerts! I saw the Depeche Mode I think around 89. I also saw New Order sometime around this time. I think my favorite was seeing Echo and The Bunnymen at the Hard Rock Casino there wasn't much of a crowd so it made it that much more intimate.