Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Today is my husband's and my 15th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been that long. I don't have any digital photos from my wedding day since there wasn't digital photography way back in the dark ages so I can't post any but I can show you that my husband bought me the most appropriate card ever.

Shooooooes. Brent is as much of a shoe addict as I am so it's doubly appropriate.

Speaking of shoes, I found these vintage Fluevog Swordfish boots on Etsy last week. I couldn't resist them even though it's going to be a while before I can wear them, unless it gets cooler again.

I liken my reaction to seeing these boots to these seagulls from Finding Nemo.

Today was a beautiful sunny and warm day so B and I had lunch on a patio downtown. Unfortunately I wore black today so it was rather warm.

Sweater: Joe Fresh
Dress: Elroy Apparel
Leggings: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Fluevog Wonder | Ayers

I bought this dress a few years ago and when it arrived it was really much too short for me to wear without something underneath it. I really like the white detailing.

This outfit made me feel pretty and confident. I'll have to wear this dress more often.

After work I went to the tailor to pick up a few things I'm having altered. They were not ready yet so I popped into another store and found a Desigual dress on sale for $65.00. It may have found it's way home with me and I may be wearing it tomorrow.


  1. Your ever-expanding Fluevog collection makes me soooo envious! The scene with the seagulls was one of my favourites from Finding Nemo, and for days after first seeing the film I walked around saying "mine,mine,mine,mine"!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Congrats. And congrats on the new boots! Gorgeous boots, and I'm sure you'll style them up fabulously.

    I think that seagull scene is often what goes through my mind when buying new shoes.

    I like the detailing on the dress, glad you're finding a work around with the length. It's too cute to let go without some effort.

  3. Happy anniversary, Megan! I got that card from my Mom for L's and my (also 15th) anniversary this year, lol.

    Love the dress - you have such a good eye for detail in clothes, which is one of the reasons why I love your blog and your style so much.

    Ooh, is it one of the patchwork dresses like your other one? No, at that price, it can't be! I am so excited to see it!!

  4. Happy anniversary! Love that dress. Have not heard of designer will look.

    Great Fluevogs, so colorful and fun.

  5. Congratulations!

    I can't wait to see you wearing the boots, I'm sure you'll wear them in a fun way, as always :)

  6. Happy anniversary! The card is definitely appropriate! And those boots are amazing - I would have snatched them up too! Love the mine, mine, mine seagulls, that is one of my favorite movies!

  7. Happy anniversary! I have come across a few blogs today that have anniversary posts up. I guess June was a good time to get married. I was crazy and got married in August!


  8. Happy anniversary!! Hope you had a wonderful day! :)