Monday, June 25, 2012

My new favourite skirt

I've only had this skirt since last Tuesday and I've already worn in 2 times. Must be looooove.

T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Belt made from a tie: Store in Osborne Village in Winnipeg
Skirt: Chalet from Cha Cha Palace
Shoes: Gidigio from (last worn here)

It's linen so it wrinkles but it's funky construction makes up for it. It's wide but then pulls in again at the bottom.

I was wearing a jacket but I took it off because... IT WAS TOO WARM! Finally! It's almost July and we're just now enjoying from relatively consistent warmth.

I thought the colour of the shoes matched the hint of yellow in the tie/belt.

Other than that, we've made it through another Monday.


  1. That is a really cool skirt - the shape is so appealing.

    Love the shoes! You know I would buy those in a heartbeat. Gravity Pope has some great shoes.

  2. Eee! Love the belt. So cute, and a great idea. The skirt does have a fabulous shape. I think the linen-wrinkly quality works with the shape well. I bet it's super cool to wear too.

  3. Mondays are so much easier when we can finally take off our jackets! Today started promising out here, but ended up with jackets back on. This is a gorgeous skirt, no wonder you've worn it twice since Tuesday.

  4. They call me mellow yellow... I like the yellow shoes, they're very pretty.

    Willow belongs to one of my friends from work, I don't have any pets currently. Maybe one day, when I manage to settle down with my husband :)

  5. That is an awesome skirt. I love the belt too, and the yellow shoes. Ties it all together nicely (no pun intended).

  6. Grey and yellow works great together, and I do love the shape of that skirt. I can see why it's become your current favourite. Glad you are finally getting some summer weather there.

  7. You make me wanna wear my wrinkly gray linen Talbots skirt right now. I have no idea why I love wrinkly linen so much, being kinda OCD and all.

    The mustard shoes sing to me, and remind me of chili dogs with mustard, which also sing to me.