Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Normal shoes

I was walking through the lobby of my office building today and a woman who works in a different office, who I've spoken to a few times, stopped me and said "You're wearing NORMAL shoes today!" I said "but they're orange and I'm wearing a crazy skirt"! She didn't think that the shoes being orange shoes was crazy enough. I guess they are rather sedate when compared to my other shoes.

Excuse the goofy face...

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
T-shirt: Zellers
Skirt: Desigual from
Shoes: Town Shoes (last worn here)
When I saw that Haute Look had some Desigual pieces at a price significantly lower than retail, I jumped on this skirt and a dress. I really like the colourful pattern on the front.

And the circles on the back which look very 1970s.

The background looks black but it's really dark grey.

I thought these shoes would be a good match with the skirt but I think that they might appear too muted (or "normal") with this crazy skirt. Next time I'll try something brighter like my blue or red heels.

It's the Canada Day (July 1) long weekend so I get Monday off. Can't wait!


  1. That is a fabulous skirt, Megan! I love the different pattern on the back/front.

    I would agree -the shoes look a little normal compared to the rest of the outfit. I drooled over those at Town Shoes a few weeks ago (after you first wore them). Covet, covet, covet.

  2. I think they're pretty fabulous, but they are tame compared to many in your collection.

    A lot of my college classmates have held me accountable for dressing up. I once wore a hoodie to class when I was sick - and that's exactly what everyone asked me! The teacher in that class even told me I could go home at one point because everything else was just busy work.

    Hope you have a great long weekend!

  3. Oh, the horror of normal shoes!

    Having said that, I think they are very pretty :)

  4. I love those shoes. That woman is crazy - those are in fact crazy shoes. How many other women wear ORANGE shoes? Funny how our standards shift. I love this outfit and this new skirt in particular. Your "goofy" expression makes everything even better.

  5. Quoting my other post 'Are you supposed to be normal?' LOL

    Lovely look though, even if a more tame version of yourself :)

  6. I totally had someone tell me I was dressed "Normal" the other day too - and I don't even think I get all that outrageous on a regular basis. It made me laugh.

    I love your skirt and I love your shoes even if they are considered "normal"!

  7. The shoes are an unusual colour, but they are a classic pump as far as shape goes, so maybe that's what your co-worker meant? They are somewhat conservative compared to your usual spectacular footwear choices!