Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday fun, Monday hung

First off, here's a link to the article about local fashion bloggers. Just a little snippet about me and some links to some other great local blogs.

Necklace: F21
Blouse: Smoking Lily
Pants: Esprit from eBay
Shoes: Fluevog Faiths Low | Reumah

This is the face of a rather hungover gal. For some stupid reason I decided to make merry last night and drank a few too many Strongbow ciders. Blargh.

Today we finally had warm and dry weather so I broke out my Reumahs. I love the wooden platform and the stripes. They are surprisingly comfortable but I probably shouldn't have gone out for a walk in them at lunchtime.

I was going to write a wrap-up to Atlantic Fashion Week but there are some great ones already written:

Fashionable People, Questionable Things
Flare Magazine
Reginald Magazine


  1. I wish those Reumahs had looked that good on me!

    Sorry to hear about your hangover - those Strongbows are so good, though!

    Love the SL blouse - shiny! Caw!

  2. You do look a little pale ;) I love the emerald blouse and those freaking awesome sandals!!

  3. I'm kind of a lurker because your killer shoe collection makes my mouth hang open and only gasps of joy come out, but I am loving the color you've been rockin' lately. You always look lovely and extremely fashionable, but the strong color palette really suits you. There's something really enlivening, and yes, super-sexy, about bold color. You wear it well.

  4. Aww hope you feel better asap. I love love love the bright greens on you. Lynne is quite right, the bright colors are very flattering on you. Those sandals, omg. Gorgeous.

  5. I love the jewel tone of your top! Sumptuous. I wrote a comment on your article but after I pushed the post button, I had to log in to Facebook or the newspaper, and I don't have accounts with either! Anyway, stunning photo and great coverage. You're a super role model for Halifax style seekers.

  6. Congratulations on the feature, it looks great!
    I feel your pain about being hungover at work... it's crap! I used to do that fairly often when I lived in Lisbon- innocent dinners turned into full fledged nights out too many times. I cannot see myself doing it again :)

  7. I am glad I'm not the only one who has ever gone to work a tad hungover. I haven't done it in awhile, but I've totally been there my friend. Hope it got better!!

    The color of your top is perfection. I love it. And I love your sandals too.