Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bye Bye Cardigan

Back to work today. Usually the summer is a quieter time in the office what with a lot of people on vacation, but the lull hasn't arrived yet. No one is on vacation yet! I'm not taking time off until the end of August which seems like forever from now.

Another hot day today so I just threw on this cotton sleeveless dress.

Dress: No Tag from Crimson and Clover (last worn here)
Shoes: Marc (last worn here)

We had a little reception at the end of the day and I ate two scones with jam so I'm totally stuffed here. My belleh was so full. UGH.

I was looking back at my daily photos and I stand the exact same way every in every shot so I tried something different - I turned the other direction - however, I also bugged my eyes out of my head. I need to stay in my comfort zone. 

My legs are glowing in their incredible whiteness.

The last two times I wore this cardigan I said that it was on its last legs and needed to be replaced. Obviously I haven't done that yet. Seeing this photo, I'm definitely parting with it asap.

Bye bye cardigan!


  1. LOL I tend to stand the same way too.

    Love the dress and your green shoes!

  2. I tend to stand the same way too. I like it for cohesive blogging though.

    I adore your dress. It reminds me of traditional kimono - something I've always had a love for. Embrace the pale!

    I have a similar cardi (in dark brown), but I'm hoping it makes it through just one more winter.

  3. Ooh, I like your dress, love that mid section. And green shoes - why don't I have any green shoes?
    I think we all tend to fall back on the same-ish poses, but it's good to experiment. Just take a load of pics in all different positions, you can always delete them, after you've cringed/laughed! xx

  4. Love the dress - is the obi a separate piece? The green shoes are just fab.

    I know, I cringe when I see all my month's pictures together and every one is freakin' the same! Ah well.

  5. The dress is very pretty! And I adore those shoes!



  6. I've noticed that I have a repertoire of about 3 standard poses, the latest being somewhat stork-like, but when I try something different I look like a dork, so it's best to stick to the tried and true. I love this dress--the shape is amazing on you!

  7. Love dress! Agree that the cardi isn't as crazy-fabulous as some of your others.

    Blogger poses kill me. I love y'all consistent posers that have it down pat :)