Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do you happen to have a pair of birds that are... just friendly?

Oh FRABJUS day! Canada Post found my shoes!

In case you had any doubts that Sheila and I were "opposite coast" twins, independent of each other, we both ordered the same shoes from the Fluevog sale.

I bought them in black though.

Canada Post called me today to say that they had finally been delivered to the retail postal outlet - a week after I received the delivery notice.

Someone described these shoes as "business from the front, party from the rear". If it was you, let me know so I can properly credit you.

I may wear these tomorrow.... OK I TOTALLY WILL WEAR THESE TOMORROW!

So what did I wear today?  I know you're dying of curiosity.

I wore my "homage to Hitchcock's The Birds" skirt today.

T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Skirt: defunct etsy shop
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens from endless.com

Whenever I wear this skirt, I'm always surprised by the fact that people either don't see the giant Hitchcock screen print or they see it right away and totally get the reference to the film The Birds. If they are the latter then I know they are good people.

I wore this skirt in NYC in 2008 when I went to see The 39 Steps.

Here's proof!  HAR HAR! I'm oh so clever and I'm so pleased with my cleverness.

It was a very good play too. Only 4 cast members to play all the story's characters and it was pretty hilarious.  Good times, good times.

What is going on with my hair in this photo? It must have been humid as hell in NYC for my hair to resort to this flippy madness.

More shoes. These were my first purchase from endless.com. They only recently started shipping to Canada.

I have to admit that I saw them on Miss Malaprop's blog, discovered that they were on ├╝ber sale at endless so I bought them despite my shopping ban.

I've never been a fan of the Hasbeens before but I do like these with the ankle strap.


  1. Weee! They're here! Congrats, I'm glad they finally turned up.

    Hee! I noticed your skirt reference right away and chuckled. Sad the etsy shop went defunct, seems like I'm seeing that happen more and more with unique designers.

    My (US-based) experiences with endless have always been good. I love your new sandals. The ankle strap is my fav part. So many designers avoid them, but I like ankle straps. They add support to the shoe imo.

  2. Of course you are wearing those shoes tomorrow. Can't wait! :)

    I like the sexy, strappy yellow sandals. Oh you guys make it so hard to honor shopping bans. I've made it through two whole weekends with nary a slip-up, and it already feels like somebody died...

  3. Oh YAY, I'm so glad the shoes made it - did you know, we ordered them on the same day as well??

    I love that skirt - I totally would have gotten it. I have this fantasy of wearing a 60s ladies' suit, a blonde wig and a bunch of fake birds stuck all over me for Hallowe'en (naturally with lots of blood and gore, Hallowe'en costumes have to be scary!).

    I like the shoes, but sometimes ankle straps cut at the back of my heel. I have to be able to try them on first.

  4. So glad you finally got your shoes, and what funky shoes they are! I love the design on the heel. I'm crushing on the Hitchcock skirt - sooo adorable!

  5. Hooray!!! Lost Fluevogs would have been so, so, so sad. In my Canada Post mess today - thankfully not involving Fluevogs, and I was refunded - a nice lady (who I am told tried to give and send my package back and called the retailer I ordered from) gets to keep my dress because my package is "lost" and they won't accept it back. I really hope she can use or gift or otherwise enjoy it, because she sounds awesome.

    I've had really good experiences with Endless, including superior customer service. I was in the non-fan place about Swedish Hasbeens too, but when I saw yours, and Miss Malaprop's, and that they are still on sale at Endless AND in my size, I was all, "DAMMIT, Megan!" but so far I am resisting. Mostly. Kind of.

  6. Wow, your Fluevogs had a little adventure finding you. Too bad they can't talk. ;)
    That is one super cool skirt!

  7. So glad your shoes were found. Very stressful, and not even my purchase. Love the skirt and yellow shoes.

  8. I am so happy you finally got your shoes!! Hooray!!

    Your skirt is super awesome. My husband has a Hitchcock inspired shirt and people don't typically get it, but it's still fun.